25 Productive Things to do Instead of Scrolling
Spend More Time Offline

 It is easy to get lost in the endless scroll of social media, and while it is okay to relax on your phone, there is a point when it can be damaging to your mental health. 

Studies from the National Library of Medicine show that an excess amount of time spent on social media increases your risk of depression, anxiety and stress. So, here are some things you and your family can do this summer to decrease your time on screens and spend more time offline. 

1. Go on a walk. 

Walking is good for your mental health! Studies show a positive connection between long-distance walking and mental health. You can choose to walk alone to allow yourself to be in nature with your thoughts and give yourself time to reflect, or you can listen to your favorite music or podcast. It can also be fun to go on a walk with your friends or family! This gives you all time to engage in meaningful quality time by disconnecting with screens and connecting with each other.

2. Get creative.

Unlock your creativity! Grab some canvases to paint and let your creative mind run free. This is a great activity to do with kids while they are out of school for the summer. There are also tons of fun craft kits that you can pick up at the store as well. Creating art is therapeutic and relaxing for the mind. Try something new or dive back into an old passion!

3. Cook a new meal.

Getting creative in the kitchen is another fun activity that you can try this summer. Look up some fun recipes online or in a cookbook and get to cooking! This is a super simple way to spend less time on your phone and to feel accomplished with your day. We have some fun and easy recipes posted on our website, if you want some inspiration!

4. Read a good book.

Did you know that by reading regularly, you can decrease your stress levels? Even if you just read 30 minutes before you go to sleep instead of scrolling on your phone, your stress and anxiety levels have been shown to decrease significantly. Visit the library and check out a new book or fall back into reading by rereading an old favorite!

5. Visit somewhere new. 

One thing that my roommates and I love to do is to visit somewhere we have never been before! Whether that is trying a new pizza place or exploring a small town nearby, going out and visiting somewhere new is a perfect opportunity to create meaningful memories. 

20 more things to do instead of scrolling:

  • Start a new hobby
  • Go to a museum 
  • Try a new coffee shop
  • Donate old clothes
  • Volunteer
  • Go to the beach or lake 
  • Journal 
  • Ride your bike
  • Go to the pool 
  • Play a board game 
  • Meditate
  • Exercise 
  • Visit the farmer’s market 
  • Listen to a podcast
  • Host a movie night 
  • Make a to-do list 
  • Meet up with an old friend
  • Join a club 
  • Try learning a new language 
  • Free write

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