5 Body Types
What You Have with What You Wear

Although we at Rochester Women Magazine always promote wearing whatever makes you feel good, sometimes women wonder if there are certain ways to enhance their body type. Alicia Goodson shares some tips!


Your chest and hips are proportionate and you have a smaller waist. 

Ideas to try: 

Belts, fit and flare z dresses and wrap dresses/tops.

Examples: Scarlet Johannson, Marilyn Monroe


You tend to carry your weight in the center of your body and have a less defined waist. 

Ideas to try: 

Flare or wide-leg pants; A-line skirts and dresses; a belt placed around the smaller part of your natural waist; fluid fabrics that flow.

Examples: Kelly Osborne, Melissa McCarthy


Your bust, waist and hip measurements tend to all be pretty proportionate; straight up and down. 

Ideas to try: 

Opt for ways to define your waist and add curves; v-neck tops and dresses; add a belt.

Examples: Kelly Ripa, Pink, Gigi Hadid


You tend to carry weight on the bottom half of your body (larger hips/booty as compared to your waist and/or chest). 

Ideas to try: 

Fill out your top half with printed tops, embellished shoulder details, structured jackets and blazers; keep patterns dark and simple on the bottom.

Examples: Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, JLo

Inverted Triangle 

You carry your weight on the top half (broad shoulders or a large bust).

Ideas to try: 

Choose printed pants and skirts, wide-leg or flare cut pant to “even out” your bottom half by bringing attention to it. 

Examples: Jessica Simpson, Christina Hendricks 

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