5 Things
New Year, New You

1. Reflect

Before diving into a new year, one of the best things you can do is reflect on the last year. What things went well? What new things or skills did you learn? What were your strengths? What are you most grateful for? Do this in a journal, by yourself or with a friend.

2. Word of the year

Now that you’ve reflected, let’s set your intention for 2024. My favorite way to do that is to pick a word of the year. This is a word you can focus on that drives your thoughts and actions. Examples:

3. Organize your mind

Go into the new year with a fresh mind. Ideas:
• Commit to a healthy routine. Whether that’s a better morning routine, gym routine or a skin care routine, just commit! You know you’ll feel better once you do it.
• Get a new planner. One that gives you that giddy excited feeling whenever you open it.
• Organize your physical space. Clutter in the house also clutters the mind. 


4. Cut back

Ideas of things to cut back on:
Scrolling time
Dining out
Junk food, sugar, soda, etc.
Stationary activities (TV watching, sitting, etc.)
Negative self-talk
The key to this is to commit, then replace these activities with something healthier, ie. quality time with friends/family, cooking at home, fruits and nuts, N/A drinks, going for walks, positive affirmations.

5. Gain control of your finances

This worksheet is a great place to start! ::

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