5 Things: Baby Preparation

Whether you’re welcoming another baby or your first, there’s always a huge list of things to do to prepare for bringing a tiny new human into the house. Consider these five things to improve your experience.

1. Prioritize your fitness

When you’re dealing with all-day sickness and all the hormonal changes that come with making teeny-tiny organs, sometimes it’s easy to let your workout routine fall to the wayside. Continuing your fitness journey during pregnancy can help reduce back pain, ease constipation and promote healthy weight gain (during fetal development) and weight loss (after birth). And this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of staying active during pregnancy! If you weren’t active pre-pregnancy, consult your doctor for guidance on how to get started.

baby gift basket

2. Baby Registry

Besides the baby essentials, remember to include these easily forgotten items:
• Items you’ll need past six months of age
• Keepsakes (baby books, picture frames, etc.)
• Nursery decor (blackout curtains, themed wall prints, trash can, etc.)
• Stroller accessories (clip-on toys, bag holders, fan, etc.)
• Postpartum necessities
• Gift cards
Tip: Encourage your baby shower guests to save the card paper and write in a children’s book instead!

3. Daycare Options

You might be surprised how long the waitlist is at daycares. Some lists are over six to 12 months long! Research your options, and don’t wait until the baby has arrived before getting on those lists.

New mother with baby and family in hospital smiling4. Talk about boundaries

Remember that at the end of the day, everyone’s priority should be you and your baby, not Grandma’s need to meet and hold the newborn. It’s okay to set clear boundaries with your loved ones, and if they care about you, they will respect your wishes.
Some things to consider:
• Do you want people visiting you at the hospital? If so, who, when and for how long?
• Do you want people visiting you at home? If so, who, when and for how long?
• If you don’t want visitors for a while, how long will that be?
• If you are open to visitors, what are some guidelines you want to have in place to keep you, your partner and the baby happy and healthy?

Prenatal pregnant women planning calendar and checklist appliance for baby, Preparing utensils for pregnancy concept5. Get ready, set and go!

Things to consider having ready and set before you deliver:
• The nursery
• Hospital bag
• Installed car seat
• Birth plan
• Recovery plan
• Easy-to-prepare meals for the whole family
• Stock up on regular household supplies
• Washed baby clothes
• Cleaned and sanitized feeding supplies
• Prep your other kiddos for their new sibling. ::

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