5 Things: Indoor Fun

For some people, March and April mean springtime. For Minnesotans, it means
waiting for the winter to melt away. Here are some fun indoor activities to keep you busy!

1. Learn an instrument

How often have you said, “I wish I knew how to play guitar”? Or maybe you already know how, but with your busy life, you haven’t picked it up in years, and now it’s collecting dust in your basement. Use your time indoors to teach yourself a new skill or relearn and improve an old one. There are tons of free resources online, YouTube being one of the best.

Mom and daughter doing a puzzle2. Screenless activities with the kiddos

Finding age-appropriate activities you can do with the kids can be a struggle. Here are some ideas:
• Crocheting (The Woobles is a great place to start. They’re cute kits of fun animals made specifically for beginners.)
• Puzzles (Games by James in University Square has lots of puzzles for all ages.)
• Lego (Getting kids to build something with their hands is fabulous for the mind.)
• Scavenger Hunts (Hide everyday items in your home and set the kids to go find them. Whoever finds the most wins!)

Melissa with games

Photo courtesy of Melissa Hinderman

3. Get into board games

My favorite way to step away from the negativity of social media is to play a board game. As a HUGE board game fanatic, here are my top suggestions:
• For beginners: Planted, Summer Camp, Ticket to Ride
• For two players: Targi, Watergate, 7 Wonders Duel
• For families with young kids: Codenames, Dixit, One Key
• For families with older kids: Wingspan, Horrified, Cascadia
• For parties: Green Team Wins, Just One, Love Letter
• For established gamers: Spirit Island, Everdell, Clank! Catacombs



4. Get moving!

Being inside doesn’t necessarily mean being sedentary.
• Build a blanket fort or home obstacle course.
• Have a dance or karaoke party.
• Play The Floor Is Lava or the classic Hide-and-Seek.
• Have a sit-up competition.
• Bake something you haven’t before.

Woman relaxing with book.5. Relax

Busy women often feel like if they aren’t being productive, then they aren’t good enough. Let’s get out of that mindset!
• Enjoy a bubble bath.
• Do a face mask.
• Cozy up with a good book.
• Have a Harry Potter marathon.
• Take a well-deserved nap. ::

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Melissa is the Outreach, Events and Digital Director for RWM. She is also a writer, wife and dog mom. Her mission is to cultivate fun energy everywhere she goes.

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