5 things: Money-Saving Travel Tips

1 Check back on your bookings. Whether you’re booking a hotel room, car rental, flight, cruise, etc., always check back to see if the price has dropped. Depending on how far out your booking is, I suggest checking every week to every two weeks. If you see that the price has dropped, give them a call or send an email. Most companies will either offer you a refund to match the new price or they’ll allow you to freely cancel and rebook at the new price. This can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in the long run, then you can use those savings to go on another trip!

2 Know the best time to book a flight. Rule of thumb for domestic flights is that one to two months in advance is when the flight is most likely at its lowest. For international flights, the sweet spot is about three to six months in advance. Remember that flight rates can change daily, so check back often! Think this is too much effort? Set up fare alerts! You can get email updates whenever the flight you’re considering has gone down in price. Extra tip: Try being flexible with your travel dates. Flying on Tuesdays or Wednesdays can be hundreds of dollars cheaper than flying on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. 

3 Find the best cruise deal. Cruise lines often offer different deals throughout the year, including discounts on drink packages, half off for a second cruiser or free cruises for kids. Research the cruise line you’d like to cruise with to find those juicy packages. Extra tip: Check cruise.com for sweet discounts. Sometimes this site offers a better deal than what the cruise line offers on their official website. 

4 Bring your own snacks, medications and water bottle. I don’t know who needs to hear this but stop buying snacks at the airport! Something you can get from the store before your trip for only $1 can easily be $5 or more at the airport. It’s ridiculous! Pack your fruit snacks and motion sickness meds ahead of time to avoid the upcharge. Also, a reusable water bottle isn’t just better for the planet but can also save you from buying the overpriced water that you could have gotten for free at the refilling station near the bathrooms. 

5 Look for the best ride rate. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always found that Uber and Lyft rates are cheaper than the airport taxi’s rates. I recommend checking both rideshare apps as one can be much cheaper than the other, depending on the day and time. In addition, know when peak hours are to avoid paying the rush hour upcharge. Extra tip: Call your hotel in advance to ask if they have airport shuttles (or try booking a hotel that offers shuttles). Many shuttle rides are free or much cheaper than a ride share. ::

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