5 Things to Do to Start the New Year

  1. REFLECT. 

Too often we’re in “go, go, go” mode. Take a step back and reflect on your progress.

Ways you can reflect: 

  • Have a reflection conversation with a friend.
  • Journal or answer reflection questions in your head.

What to reflect on:

  • What went well last year?
  • What were some of your favorite memories?
  • What would you like to improve?
  1. SET GOALS. 

Goal setting is a crucial step to moving forward in life.

Questions to ask: 

  • What specific and realistic thing do I want to accomplish? “Save money” is vague. “Save $1000 a month” is better. When I say realistic: If you’ve been saving $0 for the last 5 years, $1000/month may be out of your reach. Try starting with a manageable percentage of your paychecks instead.
  • Why do I want to accomplish this goal? Ask yourself “Why?” until you get to a reason that motivates you.
  • How will I accomplish this? Get specific! “Save 10% of each paycheck” is broad. “Transfer 10% of each paycheck on payday to my savings account” is better.

Sometimes, the biggest things that hold us back are our habits and mindsets. 

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Give it time. Start small.

Questions to ask:

  • What small habit can I implement that will replace a bad habit and move me in the direction I want to go? 
  • When will I begin these changes? 
  • How can I hold myself accountable?

Refresh your mind for the new year.


  • Recreate your workspace.Move furniture around, update your decor, add plants.
  • Revamp your bedroom. Replace those ratty old sheets with fresh ones. Clean out those nightstand drawers too!
  • Declutter. Those cords you’re unsure what it plugs into? Donate. Apps on your phone you don’t use? Delete. Toxic people in your life? Cut. Life is short. Enjoy it without the clutter.

New year, new look, new me!


  • Hair, nails, massage.
  • Get extra sleep.
  • Experiment with clothing colors out of your norm. ::

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