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Thank you to Khadija Ali, who contributed to this article.

The abaya is a long, robe-like dress worn by Muslim women in countries around the world. Abayas are designed to cover the entire body leaving only the hands, feet and face bare. By wearing an abaya, women can express their religious and cultural identity. Abayas are made all over the world and can be worn for religious wear, formal wear and even everyday wear.


Photography by AB-Photography.us LLC

Khadija is wearing a rich, deep green abaya from the brand Khalegi. It is an umbrella abaya. Something she loves about abayas is how each designer has their own trademark on each piece. 








Photography by AB-Photography.us LLC

Nana is wearing a formal abaya from Kenya. She can wear this abaya to elegant events and gatherings. 








Photography by AB-Photography.us LLC

Fatuma is wearing a formal black abaya from Dubai. She loves the rhinestones, and this is an outfit she could wear at a wedding as a guest. 








Photography by AB-Photography.us LLC

Ladna is wearing a brown chiffon abaya from Turkey. She says, “The material feels very soft, very comfortable and lightweight.” 








Photography by AB-Photography.us LLC

Feyruz is wearing a black abaya from Jordan. She says, “It is great for the summer, not restrictive and very flowy.” ::

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