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Gina is a writer and author living in Rochester with her husband, two entertaining children and whoodle pup.


Self-Care Massage, infrared therapy, spa treatments and sound healing are all forms of self-care shown to offer pain and stress relief available at Sage Wellness at…

Culture ON TREND

Uplifting Art Rochester Art Center is featuring an exhibit—The Nexus of Well-Being and Art by Anne Labovitz—and it’s just the cultural event to add to your…

Preserving Women in History

With her grandchildren being the seventh generation of her family to live in the Rochester area, Virginia Wright-Peterson is one local woman invested in preserving local…

Transformation on TREND

Appearance Transform yourself (back) into the grungy glam of the 90s with dark, heavy, smudged eye makeup. Stylists suggest blending black with brown on both lash…

Health on Trend

Healthy Gut Made in Minnesota in the Organic Kombucha Brewery in Apple Valley, kombucha boasts several health benefits such as antioxidants that may kill harmful bacteria.…

You + Food
An Intimate Relationship

Vegan, junk-food junkie, pescatarian, sweet-tooth, plant-based, paleo, closet eater—there are many words used to describe our relationship with food. Kara Short, owner of Fit Coaching (coaching…