Avoid Overwhelm: Be Intentional about Your Time this Summer
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Summer is a fun time of year in the Midwest. People move outdoors, the pools open, the parks become more vibrant, town festivals and fairs happen, and coming out of a long Minnesota winter, the energy is alive as people spend more time outdoors.

But something else can happen this time of year: Our schedules get PACKED! The kids are home from school, families tend to get together more, and with more fun outdoor options, it’s easy to squeeze something into every waking minute.

Humor me—pull out your calendar and check: How many weekends do you have SOMETHING planned? The kids’ soccer game, a cookout with friends, a birthday party for Grandma, a hiking / wine weekend with girlfriends, a weekend trip with your partner up north at the cabin or a weekend trip planned with family/friends… 

Having plans, something to look forward to this summer, is great and can be good for the soul.

But I also want to remind you—packing our schedules, still doing the Monday to Friday workday grind and adding more expectations in the longer days of sunshine can quickly turn from MORE JOY to MORE OVERWHELM.

Keep reading for tips on how to find your BALANCE this summer/fall as you enjoy the outdoors, longer days and time with your loved ones/doing what you love!

  1. Be intentional with your time. Take a few moments (20-30 minutes) each week to look at your schedule for the next week or month. Remember you’re the master of your schedule, and while some things may be out of your control or fixed, others can be shifted, moved or outright removed altogether to plan in some downtime to recharge.
  2. Schedule rest, quiet, calm, whatever recharges you! This will look different for everyone because we all recharge differently, and you know yourself best. Make sure to plan in those moments of quiet/calm or time to just breathe or listen to your favorite jams each day/week.
  3. Be OK with saying “no!” There’s a phrase: “If it’s not a heck yes— it’s a no.” You do NOT have to say yes to every BBQ, potluck, birthday party and event this summer/fall. Be honest with yourself, look at your week and ask yourself, “Do I have the energy to enJOY this event?” And if not, then consider “no.” FOMO is real but not at the expense of your energy level.
  4. Pro tip: One of the best ways to minimize adding more stress/overwhelm, is once your schedule for the week is set, try to just BE in the moment. We often can add more feelings of stress/overwhelm when we start to look at the three, five or seven days ahead and tick off all that needs to get done. This is not helpful. Mapping out your time and setting realistic expectations is a must, but once the schedule is set, try and stay in the present moment. Minimize the amount of time you spend thinking about the future because it adds to the stress, and you miss out on life moments happening NOW.

Need more help with staying in the PRESENT MOMENT? Check out this video!


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Maria Serbus is the CEO of Maria Serbus, LLC. She focuses on helping motivated, driven women overcome stress and overwhelm through mind-body practices to enjoy the life they live now.

mariaserbus.com | @maria.serbus 

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Maria is CEO of Maria Serbus, LLC, a business that focuses on helping high achievers overcome stress/overwhelm through mind-body practices to enjoy the life they live now.

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