Boba, Baby!
Bubble Tea at Home

Bubble tea, otherwise known as boba tea, is a tea-based drink to which you can choose to add tapioca pearls or other flavorings and toppings to fit your taste. As someone who was spending around $8 per bubble tea almost two or three times a week, I needed a pocket-friendlier way of enjoying this popular drink. Now that I’ve saved hundreds of dollars by making my bubble tea at home, I’m here to spread the wisdom!

Purchase a reusable cups, lids and straws set. 

Eco-friendly and dishwasher safe? Yes, please! There are so many cute options online. The ones I have are from Amazon.

Make your own tapioca pearls. 

By this, I don’t mean from scratch. I mean that I buy them off Amazon to boil at home. This was the part of the bubble tea at home process that scared me the most—until I learned that it takes only five minutes! Simply follow the instructions on the back of the package. 

Brew your tea.

Looseleaf tea (not tea bags) is the way to go. This gives you the best tea flavor, and it’s more cost-effective. You can use any tea flavor you’d like. My favorites are Jasmine tea, black tea or green tea. I prefer to brew my tea in reusable tea filters (for single servings) or a French press (for multiple servings). 

Add ice, then flavorings and/or toppings. 

This is where you can get creative with your own recipes. My favorite add-ins are a bit of honey and brown sugar. If I’m feeling festive, I might add some cherry or strawberry grenadine. Some other ideas you could try are cut-up fruit pieces, ice cream, milk, jellies, popping bubbles, basil or chia seeds.

If you ever want to get fancy . . . 

  • Make a bubble tea smoothie. Simply add tapioca pearls to your favorite smoothie drink.
  • Make coffee boba. Simply add tapioca pearls to your favorite iced coffee.
  • Add cold foam to any recipe.
  • Search online for bubble tea recipes and you’ll find endless ideas.

And that’s it! That’s all you need to make your own bubble tea at home for a fraction of the price. I will still occasionally treat myself to a bubble tea outside the home, but if I ever get a craving for it and don’t want to put pants on to go grab some, I love being able to do it right at home. 

If you are going to get bubble tea around Rochester, these are my favorite places:

  • Tea Time (two locations: downtown Rochester and North Broadway)
  • Uni Uni Bubble Tea (across from Saint Marys Hospital)

Both places offer punch cards too! 

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