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Uplifting Art

Rochester Art Center is featuring an exhibit—The Nexus of Well-Being and Art by Anne Labovitz—and it’s just the cultural event to add to your calendar. With painting, sculpture, installation and a Well-Being Wall where visitors can create, the show runs now through July.

Y2K Preppy

Noticed the mannequins in double popped-collar polo shirts at the mall or the chunky loafers at retailers? You’re not imagining things. Preppy is back. Overall looks including trousers, pleated skirts, blazers and sweater vests are trending for spring. For new twists on old classics, visit Primp Boutique. To secure vintage Y2K, search Kismet and Refashion.


From UK’s Plastic Packaging Tax to the UN talking treaties on plastic pollution, reducing plastic remains a cultural trend. Perhaps you’ve converted to no-packaging bar soap or bamboo Q-tips, but what about trash bags? BioBag Compostable Kitchen Bags started for composting but are now being used as everyday garbage bags to reduce household plastic. Find them at Natural Grocers and Menards.

Group Games

Searching for a break from screen time, board games (or tabletop games as Gen Z calls them) are trendy again. While the community at Board Game Geek predicts Frosthaven will be a top game, a simple, affordable, speedy card game tops the bestseller list: Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza. Get yours at Games By James.

Decadent Dessert

After a TikTok tangent, a decadent dessert is popular again. Target’s Favorite Day creme brulee is simple, yet fancy. Looking to impress houseguests? They come in reusable terracotta ramekins! The warm, creamy custard with toasted sugar topping is also available at Fresh Thyme. Not looking to eat at home? Victoria’s and The Redwood Room serve delicious options.

Open Beliefs

If you feel there are fewer people at church and more people finding spirituality online, you are correct. With social media filled with manifestation, prayers and vibrations, many are exploring spirituality elsewhere. The upcoming Women & Spirituality Conference—around since 1981—is a safe space to investigate all beliefs, coming to Rochester September 23-24. ::


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