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While I’ve worked for Rochester Women Magazine for many years, this is my first editor. It’s exciting to take on a bigger role with the organization, and I look forward to working with this amazing team as the magazine continues to grow and change.

This issue is focused on recovery, a word that can mean different things to different people. For many people, like Sherry Irvin (p. 24) and people who have been diagnosed with ADHD (p.15), recovery can be a lifelong, daily process. For others, like Susan Schultz (p. 23) and people with Eating Disorders (p. 19), it’s possible to move from diagnosis to recovery to fully recovered.

No matter the journey of recovery you’re on, it helps to have a community to support you, like the RCTC Yellowjackets women’s soccer team (p. 13) or the staff and mentors at Bolder Options (online), who work with middle school youth in our community.

From the people who surround us to what we put in our bodies to the space we live in, recovery is a holistic process. Throughout history and still today, explore the medicinal uses of food (p. 32) and alcohol (p. 35). Discover tips and tricks for finding great deals on used furnishings in the area (p. 40) to personalize your space.

Recovery isn’t a one-person road. If you need help, reach out. Your family, friends, coworkers and health care providers want you to be well and thrive. Someone is ready to support you, but you are the only one who can ask for help. I hope you find something within these pages that inspires you take one step toward caring for someone really important—you!

Learn more about Bolder Options in our online article at rwmagazine.com

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Erin is a freelance writer living in Rochester. She encourages everyone to celebrate the positive and share the good.

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