Election 2022: State Offices
Women Candidates for MN State Senate and House

Aleta Borrud, Candidate for MN State Senate

Why are you running?
As I doctor, I am concerned that the high cost of healthcare and medical debt is hurting our families, holding people back from buying homes, saving for education, or starting a business. But I also know that people have other serious concerns such as the ability to pay for childcare and housing and need state help to stay afloat right now. We must have fair ways to raise the revenue needed to continue to make Minnesota a great place to live for all families and thus I oppose deep income tax cuts that enrich the wealthy at the expense of our shared needs. We must have the funds to ensure everyone can access quality healthcare, childcare, and housing, but also to fully fund our public schools and pay caregivers a living wage. 

What are your top two priorities if elected?
Lowering the cost of healthcare and protecting people’s right to make their own healthcare choices. There are proposals that would give all Minnesotans the option to purchase health insurance through the state that would lower healthcare and pharmaceutical costs and improve access to care. People deserve an honest debate on these proposals. Finally, I am the only candidate in this race who promises to protect the right of women to make their own reproductive healthcare decisions. I promise to fight the unrelenting efforts in the Minnesota legislature to restrict access to abortion and will fight to end taxpayer support for fake “crisis pregnancy clinics” that provide no actual care and disseminate medical misinformation.   

Our caregivers, most of whom are women, deserve both a living wage and benefits that honor the important work they do. Whether they care for our littlest, the disabled, or our elders, they must have a wage that lifts them and their families out of poverty if we are to continue to have a workforce to care for our loved ones. The state sets the rates and reimbursement for most of these services and needs champions who understand how important this is for the economic wellbeing of women in our community.

What have you learned as a candidate?
People are overwhelmingly kind and want the best for our community. I’ve had deep, honest conversations with people about the most important issues facing our District whether it is funding our public schools, addressing the childcare crisis, or working to create more affordable housing. I’ve had respectful conversations with people who may differ with me, but we both recognize a shared commitment to our neighbors and people will thank me for taking the time to come to their door. This affirms my faith in our fellow Minnesotans and contradicts the image we often get from the news.


Kim Hicks, Candidate for MN State House of Representatives

Why are you running?
I am running because I want a state that works for everyone. My experiences as a parent, teacher, policy lead and advocate have shown me that many hard-working Minnesotans are being left behind. I see too many families in our community hanging on by a thread. I believe we can work together to find real solutions for Minnesota families and small businesses, and build a better Minnesota for our kids.

What are your top two priorities if elected?
My priorities are to invest in our state and put money back into Minnesotans’ pockets.  Our community needs to see investment in childcare, education, mental health services, decreasing healthcare costs, disability services and long-term care. Then we should return money through targeted tax cuts for low- and middle-class working people, seniors and families. These practical approaches will help ensure Minnesota is a thriving place to live now and in the future. 

What have you learned as a candidate?
I have learned that people care about their neighbors and their community.  They want less talking points and extremism, and more common sense and balanced approaches to the problems they face everyday.  They want legislators who will work together for them and put people before politics.  They want someone they can trust to be accessible, show up, and deliver results. I believe that my personal and professional experience in Rochester enables me to serve our community best. 


Tina Liebling, Candidate for MN State House of Representatives

Why are you running?
So much is at stake this year. Here’s what’s on the ballot: 

  1. The right to vote and have your vote counted
  2. The right to be treated fairly as a worker and consumer
  3. The right to a livable planet
  4. The right to affordable health care when needed
  5. The right to make your own reproductive decisions.  After Roe v Wade it is critical to protect reproductive freedom at the state level.

 What are your top two priorities if elected?
I stand up to the big money interests in the interests of ordinary Minnesotans.  If re-elected, I’ll continue working to make health care more affordable and accessible—including reproductive health care–and standing up to Big Insurance and Big Pharma.

I’ll also keep working to make sure all our students get the best possible education, early ed through higher ed, because that benefits all of us.  

What have you learned as a candidate?
Voters appreciate knowing where their candidates stand. They may not always agree with me, but they know I care about the people I represent and our entire community.  They also know I want to hear their concerns and points of view and that I work hard to find solutions that work.


Carla Nelson, Candidate for MN State Senate

Why are you running for office?
I want to continue to serve and work on behalf of the people of this District. I very intentionally made the decision to seek re-election because these are challenging times and I want to use the experience I have gained as a legislator, especially as Chairwoman of the Education and Tax Committees, to make a difference in people’s lives and to help find solutions to the economic, education, public safety and environmental challenges facing Minnesotans.

What are your top priorities?
Clearly, the economy, public safety and education are significant issues. However, based on my experience as a legislator, my top priority is and always has been to help my constituents to solve problems, make a positive difference in their lives and strengthen our community. This guides my work. I listen to constituents, seek to understand their problems, study the issues, work collaboratively with other legislators – on both sides of the aisle and pass real solutions.

What have you learned as a candidate?
I am fortunate because I love serving as a legislator and campaigning for the privilege to continue to serve the public. I learn much from both. Concern about the economy – rapid rise of the cost of living– has increased significantly. It is gratifying to hear people wish to be less divided and want to look for common ground – to come together as a community and state. I seek re-election to help craft common sense solutions. 


Katrina Pullham, Candidate for MN State House of Representatives

Why are you running?
I am running because I love our community and I see so many people divided and I want to help bring us together. For the most part, we all want the same things and when we focus on the issues that are important to us all we can get so much more accomplished. 

What are your top two priorities if elected?
My top priorities are to just listen, learn, empower others and be a positive role model in politics for our children.

I wanted to run to do good and support the core issues that we all need to live a good quality life and make sure our children have the education, resources and support to be successful in their futures. Removing social security tax, lowering the income tax burden, affordable and more childcare options, education, supporting mental health programs, helping our long-term care facilities, creating jobs, supporting our farm families, helping to keep our community safe and thriving. 

What have you learned as a candidate?
Our community is amazing. I have met so many wonderful people and have gained so much support from fellow business owners, leaders in our community from all walks of life, religions and ethnicities and have had so many great conversations while out door knocking and visiting with neighbors. I love listening and learning about the issues that are important to everyone and have gained invaluable insight into the issues that are important and needed here in Rochester and hope I am given the opportunity to help. 

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