Election 2022: County Attorney
Candidate for Olmsted County Attorney

Karen MacLaughlin, Candidate for Olmsted County Attorney

Why are you running? 
I am running for office because I want to increase fairness for everyone in Olmsted County. I am an advocate for safe communities for all and for basic human rights. I want to change the justice system so it can begin to operate differently without the need to change a single law. I am fiercely pro-choice – if abortion becomes illegal in Minnesota, I will not prosecute anyone who has, provides or assists with an abortion. 

What are your top two priorities if elected?
First, I will support safe communities for everyone in Olmsted County, including individuals who often feel unsafe interacting with justice system partners. I will expand work with justice partners and community partners to reach shared goals by improving trust, building positive relationships, promoting restorative justice practices and by listening to and responding to community concerns. Second, I will work to reduce gun violence, particularly in the context of domestic violence. 

What have you learned as a candidate?
I have learned the value of strong and capable women encouraging other strong and capable women to run for office. I intend to carry this tradition forward as the first woman elected County Attorney in Olmsted County. This campaign has reinforced my commitment to collaboration to reach shared goals. I have learned to bring my authentic self to this campaign, and that community members appreciate candidates being visible, listening, and responding to their concerns.

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