Embracing Life’s Seasons
Finding Balance and Purpose Amid the Chaos

Women are fierce, powerful humans who often aim to “balance it all” from their work life and home/personal life. 

But here’s the truth—you can’t balance ALL of it. Instead, I’d rather have you determine what season you’re in and what your priorities are in this season. Life happens in phases. There are times where you are maybe just starting out in your career, and you have a goal to make it to a leadership position within two years. Or you maybe just started a family, and you have three kids under 3, and your main focus is keeping your sanity until you get them off to school.  

Reflecting, seasonally

Personally, I have found it more doable to reflect in each season of life to determine what my goals are, what my priorities are and how that will help me determine where I am spending my time and energy.  

Once you have your goals and priorities in place, it becomes much easier to build your daily and weekly schedule to be true to what season you’re in and to build a day that works toward your goals and reflects your values.  

Because let’s face it. We need to be realistic about what we can fit in a day. Because many women will say they are “doing what they love” but often do not enjoy it from moment to moment because they’re getting stuck in their head, to-do lists and overwhelm. 

So here are three tips to becoming more present in what’s happening in your day so you can truly feel more balanced between your work and home/personal life. 

  1. Practice period “pause” breaks within your day where you intentionally get out of doing a task, or thinking about a task, and bring your focus to the present moment. Practicing these mindfulness breaks can help you from just hopping from one task to the next without any present awareness. Stretch, take three breaths or even take a quick walk!
  2. Schedule in intentional “ME” time. No matter what season you’re in, your “personal/me time” should always be on the list. Because you are the person leading her life, in all aspects. The show does not go on without you. The beauty of “me time” is it looks different for everyone, and it depends on what you enjoy. Try a bubble bath, a walk outside, getting up 10 minutes earlier than everyone else to meditate. Whatever it is, don’t skip it.  
  3. Catch the overwhelm and take action. Overwhelm is a symptom of not being present and feeling like you’re not juggling all the things well. It will often lead you to doubt, analysis, paralysis and inaction. Know the overwhelm loop and get yourself out of it by taking small action. It could be the “me time” activities, a workout, a phone call to a friend—but taking action will help you get out of “FREEZE MODE” and get back to enjoying your day!

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Maria is CEO of Maria Serbus, LLC, a business that focuses on helping high achievers overcome stress/overwhelm through mind-body practices to enjoy the life they live now.

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