Family, Fun and the Backyard
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It’s quite unique how the ambience of the backyard plays a role in connecting family. Whether coming together for social activities, a science lesson or creativity time, the area surrounding the family home has the ability to transcend their purpose.

The landscape can be the perfect space to let nature be the teacher. Carving out a hands-on planting area in the yard gives opportunity to watch seeds germinate, to nurture a living thing, and to notice seasonal changes in plants.

Planting pollinators to attract bees, hummingbirds and butterflies enables observation of nature in action.

Creative inspiration knows no boundaries when working with color, texture and the five senses. The landscape is an open palette to address all of these. Perennials and annuals come in colors galore. Theme gardens can use specific plants to mimic patriotic or rainbow colors. Focal points such as statuary make the area personal. Plants like lamb’s ear, grasses and evergreens add texture.

Herb gardens offer a fun tasting experience. Incorporating some vegetables makes the garden functional. The relaxing sound of a water feature offers rest. The song of birds will follow after planting a few of their favorite berry-producing shrubs and perennials with seed heads. The sense of smell is stimulated with plantings of lilac, peonies and roses. Cutting gardens bring the creativity indoors to enjoy.

Socializing is an important part of a family environment. The designing of a patio area for grilling and outdoor dining fosters valuable time to simply stop and enjoy the beautiful landscape you’ve brought to life. Maybe it’s time for a leisurely (or competitive!) family game of croquet. The advantage of being able to educate, de-stress or to temporarily trade electronics for nature is all right there in the backyard.

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