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Collider is passionate about sharing the stories of local business owners and is excited to partner with Rochester Women Magazine to highlight female entrepreneurs through this column. To read more about these women and their businesses, go to collider.mn/our-stories. 

Allie Kuppenbender
Bleed Heart Floral Farm and Design

Motivated by a love of farming and working outdoors, Allie Kuppenbender started her cut flower farm and design business in 2019, shortly after she and her husband returned to the area to be close to family. Allie had noticed that while there were many flower farms servicing the Twin Cities area, there were not many for Rochester-based florists. Now settled into her four-acre flower farm in the Zumbro Valley, Allie provides seasonal blooms to local floral shops and designers, as well as a fresh-cut bouquet CSA. Allie is passionate about growing flowers using sustainable and organic farming practices, and she is excited to have created work for herself where she can experience the daily magic of growth and changing seasons. “I really wanted to have a job where I could work outside all the time, and I definitely have achieved that. I’m very excited to see what next year brings!”

Photo contributed by Sharon Su

Sharon Su
Persimmon Bakeshop

Home-based baker and owner of Persimmon Bakeshop, Sharon Su initially got into baking as an adult to connect with her coworkers. In 2011, Sharon decided to try selling her pastries at local events which ended up being a bigger challenge than expected given the lack of a fully formed cottage food law in Minnesota at the time. When the law eventually passed in 2015, selling home-baked goods became much easier, and she became a regular vendor at the Rochester Farmers Market and other local events. Though baking isn’t her full-time job, Sharon loves bringing joy to her customers with her baked goods. “One of my favorite things about baking is that pastries make people happy. The best part is when people come up to me and say, ‘I really love your croissants!’ or ‘I was having a bad day, but I had one of your pastries, and I feel a lot better.’ That’s what I love about doing this.”

Photo by Corrie Strommen

Brooke Burch
Brooke Burch Custom Sewing and Vintage RACK

Brooke Burch, owner of Brooke Burch Custom Sewing and Vintage RACK, started her business in 2015, initially out of her home. Brooke studied apparel design and manufacturing in college, studied abroad in London, and was an intern designer in New York City, to which she attributes her love of unique fashion and design. Brooke, now out of her own brick and mortar space, offers sewing lessons at introductory and intermediate levels, alteration services, as well as custom design. She also provides a wide range of vintage clothing and accessories through her boutique, Vintage RACK. “Sewing is so therapeutic for me, and I’m really lucky to have a job that affects me in that way. It’s so exciting that all of these things are happening under one roof now, and I couldn’t be happier to have a place to make art and share art.”

Photo contributed by Cassandra McGreevy

Cassandra McGreevy
Delightful Downtown Dogs

Cassandra McGreevy is a lifelong animal lover turned business owner and educator through her dog training business, Delightful Downtown Dogs. Cassandra always knew that her life’s work would revolve around animals in some way and is delighted to be working with Rochester-area dog owners through virtual and in-person training sessions. Cassandra teaches a wide range of skills to dogs and their owners, such as general obedience, showmanship, agility and therapy dog training. She prides herself on being a lifelong learner and is constantly gaining knowledge and skills to better serve her clients. “My main goal is to connect with a lot of people in our community and help them develop happy, healthy relationships with their dogs.” ::

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