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Collider is passionate about sharing the stories of local business owners and is excited to partner with Rochester Women Magazine to highlight female entrepreneurs through this column. To read more about these women and their businesses, go to collider.mn/our-stories.

Kayla Tschumper
My Birth Choices

As an experienced nurse, doula, midwife’s assistant and mother of three, Kayla Tschumper is all too familiar with the cultural disconnect, fear and lack of knowledge that many mothers have going into childbirth. This, along with her love of education, led her to start her own birth education and empowerment business, My Birth Choices, through which she provides pregnancy partner services, birth education and unwavering support to her clients. “Seeing a woman and her partner come to me with their questions and concerns, taking those questions and providing support, answers and education and over just a couple of conversations seeing their shoulders relax and excitement grow where there was fear, is such a rewarding experience.”

Autumn Gilliam The Adventurous Sip

Photo by Corrie Strommen.

Autumn Gilliam
The Adventurous Sip

Longtime golf professional Autumn Gilliam found her love of wine early in life on a trip to Switzerland, France and Germany with her aunt and uncle. She has since acquired several wine education certifications and is now excited to guide others on their journey to becoming more knowledgeable about the wines they love. Autumn believes that there is an adventure behind every bottle of wine and offers private wine tastings, in-person wine education classes, online wine classes, personal shopping trips and wine guides within Rochester through her business, The Adventurous Sip. “It is so fun exposing people who maybe don’t consider themselves to be wine drinkers to a world of flavors that can be explored and seeing the light bulb moment as they start recognizing flavors and aromas that they love.”

Beth Sievers Beth Sievers Encaustic Art

Photo contributed by Beth Sievers.

Beth Sievers
Beth Sievers Encaustic Art

Beth Sievers has always loved art but didn’t begin creating encaustic art until 2008. She began showing and selling her work in 2016. Encaustic art is created by mixing beeswax, tree resin and color together. Beth often works with reclaimed wood from fallen trees, dumpsters and wood workers’ burn piles. “I find inspiration in the natural world around me in things like flowers, trees, grass and clouds. Though I always create my abstract interpretation of what I am seeing, I often start in the natural world. I find the process of creating art to be a healing experience for me. Being trained as a nurse, healing is a central theme in my life. When someone purchases my art and places it in their home, I hope that they find healing in their daily lives.”

Erin Buss Driftless Hydration

Photo by Erin Young Portrait Design.

Erin Buss
Driftless Hydration

Erin Buss and her husband, Mike, started their IV hydration and vitamin/mineral therapies business, Driftless Hydration, in 2020. As a nurse and a paramedic, Erin and Mike were highly aware of the positive impact of IV hydration and the role it can play in treating illness and helping people feel their best. At Driftless Hydration they specialize in IV infusions, injections and hydration, working with patients struggling with fatigue and illness, athletes looking for an energy boost or anyone trying to achieve better health. “It is really meaningful seeing patients leaving their appointments with us with real improvement, just from arrival to departure, people can truly start popping back to looking and feeling better. It is so heartwarming knowing that we’re helping people feel their best.” ::

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