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Car Sharing

Working from home and barely using that car in the driveway? Rent it out on Turo. With Med City having an estimated one million visitors each year, you’d think there would be hundreds of local vehicles listed for car sharing. Nope. As of late 2023, Turo only lists 17 cars to share in the area! Add your car to the list and make $54–145 per day. (Yes, with $750,000 in liability insurance included.)

Digital Wallet

Have you (or your cool friend) started using a digital wallet? Perhaps you’ve seen someone use their phone to pay and wondered how. Digital wallets use an app such as Google Wallet, Apple Pay or Cash App in place of a physical credit/debit card or cash. This method can also hold plane tickets, gift cards, hotel reservations—the list goes on! If you go digital, make sure your phone is secure and remember it may not work when WiFi/Bluetooth isn’t available.


Real Estate

Rochester’s real estate outlook remains a seller’s market. Many neighborhoods are transitioning as retirees sell. The average Rochester home value was $309,298 in October 2023 with 47.2% of house sales going over the list price. View Rochester’s top selling realtors on where RE/MAX, Keller Williams and eXp Realty top the list.


Cash Back Card

If you haven’t switched to a rewards credit card yet, let this be your sign to do so. With options ranging from travel points to literal cash, there will be a card that works for you. Wells Fargo Active Cash was the 2023 top pick gaining active users hundreds of cash back per month, but to bank local, Sterling State Bank has partnered with Visa Real Rewards.



Salary Improvement

Want to earn more but are unsure where to start? Visit Rochester’s Workforce Development, Inc. (WDI). They list training programs such as trades and forklift training as well as personal career planners. To learn what it takes to go back to school, start a new career or improve skills, WDI is the launchpad.


Pet Profits

Are you among the 23 million Americans who added a “pandemic pet” to your household? Now that one in five households has a pet, the need for pet sitters, boarding and walkers has dramatically risen. Consider signing up on Rover to make $30–55 per day to board and care for a pet. Cash for cuddles! ::

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