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Tips for Flawless Looks Using Contour and Highlight

Contouring and highlighting help enhance your best features.
We asked the experts at Serenity Couture to show us three different looks.


Placement of contouring and highlighting varies depending on the shape of your face.

Face Contours

• Forehead line
• Nose edges
• Outer cheeks
• Jawline


• Temple
• Bridge of nose
• Tip of nose
• Above the upper lip
• Cheekbones


• Start with less contour and add more to get your desired look.
• Try doing contour first. If that’s not the look you want, try foundation first next time.
• Doing your eyes first limits clean-up.
• Try using sponges, beauty blenders and brushes to see what works best for you.

Blond/top left

Look#1, model#2


• Everyday
• Quick
• On the go
Contour: light
Eyes: light mascara
Lips: simple gloss or balm

Look#2, model#1

Look#2, model#2

Night Out

• Ladies night
• Date night
• Concert
Contour: dark
Eyes: glitter and simple liner
Lips: bold lip color


Look#3, Model#1

Look#3, Model#2

Full Glam

• Wedding
• Formal event
• Runway
Contour: heavy
Eyes: winged liner, smokey shadow and false lashes
Lips: liner and bold lipstick ::

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