[Five Rounds] of fitness
Simple Exercises for Physical Health

Movement is a catalyst for creating positive change in all areas of our lives. Strength training complements ALL the things we do with our bodies. Think about all the times you’ve pulled heavy garbage cans to the curb, carried bags of groceries up the stairs or given piggyback rides to your kids/grandkids. These are all strength-based movements. It is nice to look good but, at the end of the day, we all want to be capable of moving our bodies well so that we can enjoy our lives to the fullest. 

Equally as important, are workouts that focus on your heart health—cardio! Incorporating a balanced mix of endurance workouts with strength training movements will provide endless benefits, and it is NEVER too late to start!

Focus: Endurance

Complete 5 rounds of the listed number of reps for each exercise.

30 x Jumping Jacks 

Stand with feet shoulder width apart and a natural bend at the knee. Arms at sides. While gently jumping into a wide stance, raise arms up overhead. Reset and repeat.

20 x Mountain Climbers 

Start in plank position. Pull the right knee up towards the right elbow. Reset. Then pull the left knee towards the left elbow. Repeat. This is a quick motion.

10 x Burpees 

Stand tall with feet shoulder width apart. Lower belly to ground—feet go behind you (push-up position) and chest touches the ground. While pushing with arms, quickly jump up, feet wide. Extend arms straight overhead, as you jump, then land gently. That is one rep. ::

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Shelly is a health and wellness coach with Blueprint360 Coaching. Her passion is to support women in their continued health.

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