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Seeing a childhood or coming-of-age fashion trend come back around is one of those signs that we rarely feel good about (unless you’re one of the few people with enough foresight to have kept them in the closet for this very moment). Luckily, this fall’s looks lean into a fresh take on some old favorites, rather than forcing us to completely rehash trends that are better left in the past.

Not-so-skinny JeansNot-so-skinny Jeans
A wider and more flattering range of pant styles is making its way back onto the racks. Straight, wide-leg and bootcut styles are all seeing the light of day again, with a newer cropped length that makes them easy to pair with any style of shoe. When shopping for a new pair, be sure to grab a variety of sizes since these new styles will likely fit much differently than what you’re used to.

Sweater Vests and Knit Sets
Who doesn’t love a cozy knit? While sweater vests and knit sets used to be only a stuffy office staple, new styling and shapes bring a fresh approach to this effortlessly polished look. This fall, pair separates with a casual closet staple like denim or go full-stop in the head to-toe matching outfit.


In the past, this sewn-in pattern was mostly designed on nylon fabric in a plethora of blinding neon colors. Now you can find it on snuggle-worthy fabrics and traditionally fall appropriate shades. As a layering piece, it’s an easy way to add subtle interest and texture to any outfit.

Acid Wash Denim
Another more controversial trend on rotation, acid wash denim is popping up once again. While many of us may or may not be experiencing serious Whitesnake and Aqua Net flashbacks, today’s acid wash proves much more wearable in oversized button-up shirt and jogger styles.
Hear me out on this one. Yes, the color lilac is probable one of the last you’d think to incorporate into your fall wardrobe. Experts are saying that purple is the new pink, though, and I think lilac could breathe fresh life into the traditional fall color palette. To avoid becoming an 80s bridesmaid nightmare, ground this color with neutrals.

Leopard Print
Animal prints never fully disappear from the style scene, and everyone seems to have their favorite (mine is snakeskin). Leopard is once again in heavy rotation, packing a punch in the outwear department. Snap up a statement jacket in this print to throw over any basic outfit and instantly amp up your wardrobe.

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