Frost Fashion For Less
Staying Stylish in the Winter on a Budget

With the cold here, sometimes it’s hard to find and put together outfits that are warm yet stylish and won’t break the bank. Here are some great winter style ideas that were all found at Refashion (located on North Broadway).

Long oversized sweaters are a quick and easy way to ditch the regular sweater and look a little different. Pair it with your favorite leggings and chunky boots. Need more warmth? Wear layers underneath and no one will even know!  Oversized Sweater: $18





Looking for some new winter outerwear that won’t cost a fortune? Try thrifting! We found this cozy jacket and warm boots for only $45 total!  Jacket: $25   Boots: $20






Doing business in the winter? Popping a blazer over your work outfit can help keep that frost from reaching your skin. Here we chose to show off the legs here, so we covered everything else. Blazer: $24   Shirt: $14   Skirt: $16






A bold jacket over an all-neutral outfit can help make your look pop. Notice how we chose to show off the ankles with a cute pair of ankle booties. Jacket: $30   Turtleneck shirt: $18   Black pants: $15   Booties: $26 ::

Check out Kismet Consignment Boutique and Janky Gear for more budget-friendly fun!

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