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“A woman is a full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture, and transform.” –Diane Mariechild 

Health care has changed and shifted greatly in the past few years and so has the approach women were looking for, so I leaned in and listened. They were looking for choices to be holistically cared for. I have never been a Band-Aid-fix provider and felt it was my calling to give women another, more nurturing health care option. It is important to me to promote wellness before it becomes an illness, and to be an established primary care provider, caring for you from adolescence to menopause. I also want to normalize uncomfortable conversations where women feel seen and heard. This was the driving factor for Full Circle Wellness, LLC to be born.  

What is holistic medicine? 

It’s caring for the woman as a whole person, not just the symptoms—a multi-dimensional approach in supporting her physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Healing is not linear, and my goal is to partner with you where you are. This doesn’t mean we won’t prescribe a pill for you; it means meeting you where you are while addressing the root cause—we find your fit.  

Located in Kasson, Minnesota, Full Circle Wellness is a full-spectrum women’s health care clinic that was founded to give women another choice for their care. We believe that the fullest, most authentic wellness is fostered from the ground up, from the inside out, and with that in mind, we partner with each of our clients to determine the root cause of their health concerns in order to achieve resolution and healing. Our family-owned, independent clinic serves everyone in the community with open arms, and we accept all major insurance companies in Minnesota for your health care expenses. 

We are all imperfect, but as women, we are groomed to wear all the capes with an expectation of perfection. Let’s end this stigma. I want women to feel their greatness, reclaim their power and feel heard and seen. Your care with us is attentively curated to provide extensive, well-rounded health mapping, specific to you and your needs that addresses the root cause of each of your concerns. 

To us, a woman IS a full circle, and within her lies the power to create, nurture and transform life as we know it; thus, we cannot fix a piece of the puzzle without addressing the picture as a whole. We envision our integrative approach as a revealing of wellness, from the ground up, start to finish, all the way around the circle.  

We are centered on privacy, dignity and trust, which is why Full Circle Wellness embraces a comfortable ambiance for all of our services. We also recognize that it “takes a village,” and we’re happy to provide referrals to other physicians as needed and form a collaborative practice tailored to you; we will work hard to find the most appropriate support for you, every time, with careful consideration.  

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Annual Exams/Well care 
  • Breast Care 
  • Birth Control/Prevention 
  • Shared Model Prenatal Care and Postpartum Support 
  • Healthy Living Plans  
  • STI Screens 
  • Menstrual/Hormonal Support 
  • Menopausal Care and Counseling  
  • Reiki, Chakra, and Essential Oil Remedies  
  • Cosmetic Injections 


How can I help you?

I’m Anne (pronounced “Annie”), and I am the owner/founder of Full Circle Women’s Health Clinic. I believe women are a full circle, and I strive to provide evidence-based full spectrum women’s health care in a personalized and holistic approach, partnering “with woman” and empowering her to make informed choices for her care. My heart is to give back to my community by offering alternative healthcare options for women. I am a board-certified nurse midwife with master’s degrees from Frontier Nursing University in nurse midwifery and women’s health nurse practitioner.  
I want all women to know: You are beautiful, loved, strong and made for a purpose! I see you, I hear you and I got you. 
Let’s transform together and give you high-quality, personalized health care. Let’s find your full circle. 


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