Fuller Hair with Microneedling and PRP
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More than 50% of women will be affected by hair loss and hair thinning at some point in their life. Topical Minoxidil has been the standard of care since 1960. However, there are new and exciting therapeutic options to treat hair loss. There is growing evidence that combination therapy with microneedling and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections can improve hair growth in women. 

Mahsa Smoot, MD, and the Plastic Surgery Department team at Olmsted Medical Center (OMC) have developed a protocol to target new hair growth in women that involves 4 sessions of microneedling and PRP that are spaced 6 weeks apart with maintenance every 6 months thereafter. 

PRP is a technique that has been employed in a variety of medical fields including orthopedic surgery, sports medicine and cosmetic procedures. The regenerative properties of PRP have been used extensively to improve tendon injuries, acne scarring, skin texture and fine lines. 

Men and women alike have had great success with PRP injections, and microneedling augments the effects of PRP on hair growth with less discomfort than injections. Microneedling is both cost-effective and minimally invasive. 

Want thicker, fuller hair? Schedule a consultation by calling call 507-529-6740 to learn more or visit Olmsted Medical Center’s Plastic Surgery website!

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