Getting Through Toddlerhood

The term “Terrible Two” is something that I do not understand. Not because my kids were happy, loving and cheerful at the age of two, but because what I’ve experienced is the terrible twos, threes and fours. I am currently getting through my final battle with toddlerhood and it just dawned on me that there are so many reasons these years are hard for parents and maybe even harder for the children. 

The other day, as I cuddled my two-year-old, I witnessed her express tiredness, creativity, anger, joy, frustration and so much more within the seven minutes it took her to fall asleep. It was in those seven minutes that something clicked. Being a toddler is TERRIBLE! 

The life of a toddler

Picture this: You are learning to properly use a  language that people have been babbling at you since before you could see them clearly. You are forced to go places and do things all on someone else’s time, constantly interrupting your daydreams, TV shows and playtime. There are people bigger than you treating you like a doll but people smaller than you stealing your toys. Through it all, you just want to be heard. 

A mom’s perspective

Sounds terrible to me. But hey, I’m a mom, so I know how it feels to be on the opposite side of that. Getting told “NO. NO. NO.” without any context? Happens daily. Choosing between looking crazy for letting your child throw a tantrum in the middle of a store or looking crazy for picking your child up like a football and rushing to the door as if it were the end zone is one of my least favorite things to do. Oh, and I  can’t tell you how many times I’ve been flooded with embarrassment when she pushes over a baby because they just so happen to be in the same room as her. 


So, when will it end?

This is a question that each parent will have to find out for themselves. My journey also includes a four-year-old and a six-year-old who have “terrible” moments to this day. Also, I’ve heard that the teen years mimic the toddler years, so if I’m being honest, it may never end.

What I can attest to is that time spent allowing my children to be independent and time spent getting to truly know who each of my children are has turned terrible moments into tolerable ones. This year I started asking my children, “What is missing that you need right now?” and it has helped me learn what their immediate needs are while teaching them that they can get what they need through communication. 

What’s next?

Overall, I love my kids. But raising my toddlers has been one of the hardest parts of my parenthood journey. I finally-kinda-sorta know what it takes to understand a toddler so maybe it will stop at two this time. All I have to do is wait for my toddler to understand herself. ::

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