Have You Drunk Alcohol’s Cousin, Yet?
Review of Non-Alcoholic Beverages on the Market

A few years ago I started studying the role of alcohol in our culture and its tie to heart disease and cancer. After working for two health organizations, it became abundantly clear to me that alcohol, even one drink, is not good for you.

Yet here we are, worshipping it, thinking that an evening with friends, a celebration or simply relaxing cannot happen without it. Hollywood, the media and our own social circles have done a terrific job glamorizing this toxic drink into an acceptable, cultural norm. 

I recently sampled an array of non-alcoholic (NA) beverages (curated by Andy’s Liquor, Rochester, Minnesota). Consuming NA beverages is a nice way for your body to take a break from the toxin, while also drinking something with a little bit more pizazz than a club soda with lime. Here is my personal synopsis. 


Heineken – $8.99 6 pack bottles, $15.99 12 pack cans

NA Heineken received two thumbs up from my hubby, a faithful beer drinker. I tried it as well and found the taste very similar to its alcoholic cousin. If you are someone who likes Heineken-style beer, you will like this. 


Hops Water – $10.99 6 pack single flavors, $21.99 12 pack variety

I am mixed (no pun intended) on the Hops Water. There was not a significant taste difference from flavored, sparkling waters on the market. However, the biggest difference is the price. You can spend a lot less money purchasing a good-quality bubble water at your regular grocery spot. I did enjoy the favors and bubbles of the Hops Water, however am unlikely to spend $11 for a six-pack.


Stella Rosa Non-Alcoholic Rose – $11.99 750ml

As someone who has never been fond of rose or sweeter wines, one glass was plenty for me. I served it with brunch, and it paired nicely with the meal. My cousin, who tends to lean on the sweet side for beverages, loved it. One suggestion is to serve it in a chilled glass and/or over ice. I think that will give it more appeal and improve the taste experience. This rose could also easily be served as a dessert wine.


St. Agrestis Phony Negroni $9.99 2pk/200ml

The intensity of the flavor with the first sip was a huge surprise. I have had a Negroni before but do not recall a flavor experience like this. I found it peppery, sweet and bitter. I researched Phony Negroni online and read a lot of fabulous reviews. If you like Manhattans or Old-Fashioneds, this may be a good NA option for you.


Consuming NA beverages is not cheap. I hope we see taste testings for NA beverages continue to rise, so that we are able to check out the product before committing to bringing it home. The good news is that as the NA industry grows, more diverse offerings will be available for us.  If you have NA drinks you recommend, let us know. In the meantime, cheers!

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