Healing Relationships with Reiki
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re·la·tion·ship (/rəˈlāSH(ə)nˌSHip/)
Noun: the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected (Oxford English Dictionary [OED], 2022: online).

From the moment we enter this world to the point our spirit moves to a different realm of being, we build relationships. Some connections run deep, some are only at the surface; some are near while others span a great distance; some grow out of love, some are born of anger and frustration; some are brief, while others can last a lifetime. Every bond we create endures even if the other person is not actively in our lives. Each interaction leaves an impression; this energy lives on in us at a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Every relationship is alive and gives off a unique energy. For that reason, we know change can occur in the relationship with a shift in our energy. If our goal is to maintain an active relationship with the other person and we approach each partnership with love and compassion, we increase the likelihood of weathering the turbulent times.  

Sometimes, though, our connections have run their course and the most appropriate next steps involve the detachment of our thoughts and feelings. Although the desired outcome is much different, we can rely on the same love and compassion needed to get through the difficult days to guide us out and away from the other person. Whether a relationship flourishes throughout the years or exists for only the time it takes for energies to connect in passing, both interactions are meaningful and vital to our spiritual growth.

Reiki is extremely effective when we are seeking relationship recovery. Energy flows where intention goes. Before loving energy can circulate, the negative energy must be removed. The act of performing Reiki successfully eliminates stagnant and harmful energy, thus creating space for the love, understanding and compassion necessary to thrive. Love, light and peace are infused into the recipient through the Reiki practitioner’s energy channel. This is a gift given through the Reiki practitioner and delivered directly to the recipient allowing them to focus on the internal changes required if any profound or lasting impact is sought.

We are each responsible for what we bring to a relationship. It can be difficult and time-consuming to provide an unbiased and thorough evaluation of ourselves. If we put forth only the effort we can afford, we can experience rich, fulfilling connections – even if we cannot give a lot. Not every attachment must be nurtured; there are some that are only destined to fulfill surface-level needs. However, every relationship does require a commitment of approaching each interaction with a peaceful heart and positive mindset. 

It is important to note that we do not have to be in proximity with others for Reiki to be effective. Instead of directly transferring Reiki energy through light touch, practitioners can use their thoughts and intentions to move energy into a recipient’s being thus stirring the energy of the relationship. Energy transcends space and time. Even when we are apart, energetic particles still connect and communicate.

With that in mind, we can set distance and time aside, yet acknowledge there are other potential barriers found in all human connections. One of the most impactful concepts pertains to what we can and cannot personally change. We can only control our own thoughts, actions and reactions. Reiki healing is a great way to ignite our sense of purpose. In doing so we actively alter our energy field, which changes the energy field of the relationship. We can wrap our refocused intentions lovingly around wounded relationships. There is beauty in the broken places, unwavering strength has filled in all the cracks.

At Awaken Gratitude, we offer Reiki healing sessions, a holistic approach to energy healing. As humans, we long to deeply connect with others; we also seek inner peace.  Serenity is found within the harmonies of the body, mind and spirit. As your practitioner, I strive to provide education so you may effectively harness the skills and tools needed to continue your healing journey outside of our sessions.

In addition to both in-person and distance Reiki healing, we also provide Chakra Balancing and Toxin-Free Living Consults. We are excited to now offer The Chakra Collection, a unique way to align, balance, cleanse and revitalize each of the chakras.  The Chakra Collection consists of 7 all-natural doTERRA essential oil blends which work with the corresponding chakras. Kim with Awaken Gratitude personally blends, cleanses and charges each set with Reiki, intention, energy and love.

Where focus goes…energy flows. Awaken Gratitude.

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