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Healing comes in many forms. From our bodies physically stitching wounds back together to the power of community to hold us up, healing is a journey that can take days, months, years or a lifetime. I always marvel at my 3-year-old who comes running when he skins his knee. All he needs for healing is Mama’s magical healing kisses and a Band-Aid, and he’s on his way again. For adults, healing isn’t always so easy, and even when we are healed on the outside, sometimes the healing inside takes longer.

Audrey Betcher (p. 24) has had a front-row seat to the work to heal racism in our community as director of the Rochester Public Library for the last 20+ years. While Rochester has made great strides toward equity, in many ways, the journey has just begun.

Tina M. Ridler (p. 21) has been coping with long-term symptoms of COVID-19 since she became ill with the disease in March 2020. In the midst of her healing, she has found ways to reach out and support others. In times of grief (p. 23), surrounding ourselves with a supportive community reminds us we are not alone. Cooking (p. 36) and pottery (p. 11) are therapeutic activities and can be shared with others.

The holidays can be a time of healing, too, when we are surrounded by our family—biological or chosen. Give yourself a break from making big family meals and support local businesses with holiday takeout this year (p. 39). Use that extra time to trek down to Lanesboro to see an unusual twist on the classic show “A Christmas Carol” (p. 12). And instead of spending your dollars online, consider what local businesses you could support through intentional gifting (p. 46) this year.

Healing is personal, and no two experiences look exactly the same. But remember, healing doesn’t have to happen alone. Reach out for the care you need, and trust the people who love you to lift you up when you need it most.


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