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Healthy Gut

Made in Minnesota in the Organic Kombucha Brewery in Apple Valley, kombucha boasts several health benefits such as antioxidants that may kill harmful bacteria. Find your locally made Bootlegger Kombucha at Forager Brewery or Thesis Beer Project. (Try the lavender!)

Relaxed Muscles

The #1 best selling health product on Amazon is a handheld, deep tissue massager. The Therabody Theragun Prime has nearly 5,000 5-star reviews. For powerful muscle pain relief, shop local and get yours at Rochester Scheels.

Detoxified Air

Research has shown that houseplants purify air, absorb carbon dioxide and even filter pollutants. Rubber plants, spider plants and ferns have been shown to boost oxygen levels and purify air the best. Enjoy the benefits of some horticultural therapy this winter and select a Rubber Plant from Carousel Floral Gifts & Garden and Sargent’s.

Easy Exercise

Electric bikes are great for health, environment and budget. Bike farther and longer with the LaFree E+, a perfect introduction to the world of E-bikes, able to go 65 miles on a single charge. Talk over your new spring ride at New Spin Bicycle Shop or Rochester Cycling.

Clean Body

Many deodorants are still using gland-clogging chemicals in their products. Crystal Mineral Unscented is 100% chemical free—meaning no aluminum chlorohydrate or parabens. Improve your underarm health and try it out from People’s Food Co-op and Natural Grocer’s.

Deep Sleep

Sleep might just be the most important health factor to improve. Healthy sleep improves mental, mood and physical aspects. When you sleep, consider using all natural pajamas and sheets, such as Malouf French Linen Sheets, available at Land-O-Dreams. ::

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