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Ten years ago, when I moved to the United States from Egypt, I thought finding hijab styles in the US would be challenging, so I packed as many clothes as my luggage could carry. With time, I realized I was wrong; it is completely the opposite. There is a wide variety of hijab styles everywhere both in stores and online.

My styles fall into three distinct categories. First, formal work clothes: pants, maxi skirts, blouses and jackets. 

You can find a lot of these at Macy’s, Old Navy and Amazon. Sports clothes for my tennis classes are from the amazing TJ Maxx, and my dresses for going to social gatherings I usually get from an online website called Modanisa. You can also get beautiful colorful dresses from Old Navy in spring and summer, which work just perfect with a matching cardigan.

For the hijabs, I do have a wide variety of colors and textures. I get them from stores like Old Navy and Target or websites like Shein and Modanisa. There is also a Facebook group called Lola Online Store. Its admin lives in Blaine, Minnesota.
I recommend you check it out. 

One of my favorite hijabs is the easy two-piece Amira hijab, and specifically I get those from the Alia Hijabs website. They are available in cotton and Lycra. I do prefer the Lycra ones because the fabric does not absorb the moisture from my hair and does not get loose with washing. I love wearing them when I am in a rush, going shopping or doing sports. They’re very practical and comfortable.

My 13-year-old daughter Jana loves Shein very much. She is used to choosing her own style and sending me her shopping cart, and then I pay! She likes Old Navy and TJ Maxx, as well, especially for pants and cardigans. 

As you can see there are many options everywhere. Go explore and find your style. Women are the best, and we deserve the best.


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