In My Own Words

  1. What is your name?
    Maria Serbus
  2. A little about you
    Grew up in SW Minnesota (Fairfax, MN) and moved to Rochester for my Masters in OT program in 2012. I live with my husband and 3 y/o son and our 2 dogs in NW Rochester. I enjoy doing yoga, meditation, biking/strength training, reading, adult coloring, and being outside in my spare time. I’ve worked as an occupational therapist for 7 years and last year added entrepreneur to start my own business in emotional wellness and stress reduction coaching/consultant services. I’m on a mission to help on the go busy women in Rochester find their stress reduction tools to manage the ups/downs of life and learn to be present and enjoy the small moments. On my own emotional healing journey – recovering people pleaser, perfectionist- I learned over the last 10 years what tools help me (workouts, meditation, finding the right therapist, reiki, biofeedback, and yoga) to manage my own anxiety and overthinking tendencies and its allowed me to really stretch to my full potential and leap into entrepreneurship. I want to empower other women to chase their dreams while still enjoying life as it is now.
  3. What does “bravery” mean to you?
    Being brave means being brave enough to step into the unknown. To grow into the areas of discomfort. To lean in the scary depths of self.
    Being brave means stepping ahead into this thing called life with an open heart, ready to face it all – the good, the bad- the shadows and a braveness and sureness that “I got this.”.
    Being brave means walking the windy uncomfortable paths to finding yourself, following your dreams, and being more present in this moment now.
    Being brave means an awareness of your own strengths, weaknesses, and inner critic and authentically showing up as your self.
  4. Tell us about a time you were brave.
    1 year ago I was brave when I decided “to heck with” what I was “supposed to be doing” on my career path, and stepped into the unknown.I had no idea what I was doing, I have 0 business background and didn’t grow up around business/entrepreneur minds.

    I was scared, nervous, but I did it anyway because in my own emotional healing journey I found I wasn’t happy with the work I was doing, I wanted something more, and I had a vision for the help I could offer this community with my unique background + skillset + education + training through the years.

    I listened to the little voice in my heart that said “You can do this” and I leapt into uncertainty.

  5. What makes you brave now?
    Bravery is the act to keep going. To intentionally wake up and keep choosing this path of “HARD” but also – amazing & authentic to me!There are moments and days – I want to turn back. Join on full time somewhere, accept a full time salary and go through the motions for security of income and routine mundane days.

    But I was not happy there. That path was not for me.

    So my braveness now shows up in the small acts of just choosing to stay in this, being will to accept where I’m “weak” and ask for help and business mentorship. Lean in to the support of others and also connect inward with the flame that says “I can do this” and my tools that ground me when times feel unsteady.

  6. We all know brave people. Who in your life is brave and why?
    First- I am amazed at the brave people – the entrepreneurs I’m meeting in Rochester. With the uncertainty that comes with being an entrepreneur or small business owner and you feel at times you’re in it alone – the bravery and courage it takes each day to keep going because of a desire to serve others – is astounding.I can’t name them all but 1 business woman, entrepreneur/business owner, and friend/mentor Christina Wood- comes to mind when I think of brave women. Her business is booming and growing, amidst life happening, her littles growing up, and I admire her bravery to do it all and lean into the support of her community.

    Watching other business owners/entrepreneurs / moms with littles do this inspires me to keep at it, keep going, until I feel more secure in my own business and ultimately have more time and freedom to be with my son and watch him grow.

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