Infuse Your Home with Travel Inspiration
How to Make Your Living Space Feel Like Your Favorite Destination

Bring the magic of diverse cultures and landscapes into your living area by drawing inspiration from your travels. Do you long for the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean, the quaint cafes of France or another captivating location? There are many ways to incorporate the charm of a favorite place into your home and daily life, allowing you to relive the joy of travel every day. 

HomeGarden_LostandFound-05254Let your personal experiences and memories guide design choices

“Infusing your living space with inspiration from your favorite travel destination is all about creating a home that reflects your unique style and passions,” explains Tracey Fogarty, interior designer at Stier Design + Build. “Think about the colors, textures and overall vibe of your chosen destination and personalize with souvenirs, artwork or photographs collected during your travels.”

Fogarty draws from her travel experiences, such as her family’s trip to Curacao. Continually inspired by the vibrant colors of the Caribbean, she incorporates bold hues such as gold, blue and cinnamon into projects to evoke warmth and joy. “It’s like bringing a piece of paradise back home,” she says.

HomeGarden_spiceshelfElevate your space for greater ease

Add thoughtful details to your kitchen and enjoy hosting dinner nights featuring your favorite cuisines. Fogarty recommends installing a spacious island to enhance your cooking space. “Spice shelves are a must if you enjoy ‘heating things up,’” she explains. “Or add a pot filler to the area just above the range for filling big stockpots or boiling pasta.”  

Don’t forget about cultural centerpieces and serving dishes. Fogarty, for instance, uses a French-inspired assortment of mismatched, vintage dishes and glassware for meals shared with family and friends. “There’s something warm and magical about setting the table,” she says. 

Make your space joyful

Overall, fill your home with cherished memories. Emily Watkins, owner, editor and publisher of Rochester Women Magazine, displays wrought-iron pieces and a framed poster of the Eiffel Tower in her home, which evoke memories of her first trip to France at age 16. “It is my all-time favorite place to go,” she says. “I fell in love with the food, the language and the feeling I get when I’m in France.”

Watkins majored in French, studied abroad and taught English there for a year. With subsequent visits alongside her husband and an especially memorable seven-week trip with her children in 2017, she developed a profound appreciation for French culture. “My experience was that people pay more for a fewer number of quality things.” she says. “Mealtime is very important to the French, so their dining areas are generally more prominent spaces in their homes.”

Back home in Rochester, Watkins’ dining area extends to her backyard that conveys the ambiance of a French cafe patio, complete with lush greenery, a majestic black walnut tree and trailing grapevines. “I love turning on strings of lights and lighting candles at night—and sitting around with friends, wine and food,” she says, joyfully reflecting on similar times spent with friends in France—so far away, yet so close to her heart. ::

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