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Gen AI

2023 innovation must include generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI). Thanks to online chatbots that create original content (writing, art, video, office admin, science, etc.), you can hop online to “talk to a robot” or ask it to write up meeting minutes. Ask Gamma to create a presentation and it’s done in under a second! Also take a look at ChatGPT or WriteSonic.


Retraining brainwave patterns has been around since the 1960s, but with society’s more accepting attitude on mental health, it’s back in the spotlight. Non-invasive, it’s a great way to train self-regulation and new thought patterns. Ask your therapist for referrals or visit Restorations Neurofeedback & Wellness.

Patio Pups

LTS Brewing is making their patio a place to meet new friends—through our pets! True, Rochester is full of pet-friendly establishments, but at LTS, Thursdays are for pups on the patio, and Camp Companion occasionally sends adoptable dogs and their foster families. Local beer, local friends and local pups unite.

Hydro IV

IV hydration therapy is one of the fastest growing wellness treatments in the country, according to Driftless Hydration. Through an IV, nutrients, vitamins and fluids are inserted by medical professionals. Options include services to ease headaches, stress and mental fog.

Kids’ Bank Card

In our digital world, debit cards for kids are ever-evolving. Companies offer spend tracking, apps, investing and more. While there is no age consensus, 12 is a recommended time for a tween to begin saving and spending digitally. Parents can even block payments (take that, Roblox). Merchant’s Bank and First Alliance Credit Union offer options.


No need for a credit card, simply a library card! Rochester Public Library is teeming with books of every subject. Low on time? Download the Libby App and use your library card for access to thousands of audiobooks or e-books via your own smartphone. ::

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