Tapping into Its Power

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Mary Laven has never known a time when she wasn’t in touch with her intuition.  She recalls when she was 12 years old and at a friend’s house paging through a book about psychics. She was surprised there was a book about something she thought everyone could do. It was that day she realized that not everyone was in touch with the same ability she had.

As she grew older, she would  sometimes share information  that she “knew.” Eventually,  she realized that she needed to hide information or explain that she had vaguely “heard it somewhere,” when her friends and family were dumbfounded by her knowledge of things she shouldn’t have known.  However, it wasn’t until she was in her 20s, when a coworker introduced her to other psychics, that she began having extraordinary experiences with like-minded folks.

Does everyone have intuition?

Intuition is a “knowing”  that doesn’t come from past experience. Mary explains that everyone has intuition. “It’s a  sixth sense, just like our other  senses—but additional.” Some people are better able to access it, but everyone can learn.  It isn’t so outlandish, Mary shares, to trust a hunch. It happens all the time in the scientific world. People have a hunch, theorize about it  and then experiment to see if it is accurate. Have you ever known who was calling prior to answering the phone? That is intuition.

Understanding the ‘clairs’

To better understand how intuition works, let’s explore the most common ways in which people experience intuitive messages. The four main types are experienced similarly to our traditional senses.

Clairvoyance (clear seeing) This may be the most commonly understood intuitive sense and is also the most depicted in media and film.  People who have clairvoyant experiences “see” in their mind’s eye. Those visions can be the past, present or future of someone else’s experiences or their own. This feels a little like daydreaming, but it is actually the experience of accessing visions of things you don’t actually know about firsthand.

Clairaudience (clear hearing) This is hearing words,  sounds or music in our mind’s eye. People who are auditory learners or talented in the arts may find this an easier way to connect to their intuition.

Clairsentience (clear sensing or feeling) This type of intuition is often  called being an “empath.” It means being able to feel another being’s feelings. Maybe you get a strong “gut” feeling when you meet someone. You might also get chills or feel energy in a room and understand interpersonal dynamics between others who are present.


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