Four Fashion and Beauty Terms for Today

The fashion and beauty world evolves quickly, and it can be hard to keep up with trends and related lingo! Most buzzwords come and go as quickly as the trend itself; however there are also important movements in this industry you should know about! Here are a few key terms and local brands to take note of.


BIPOC is a person-first acronym that stands for Black, Indigenous and People of Color. In general conversation, it speaks to the varying types of systemic racism, oppression and discrimination faced by these individuals and communities. It is a widely known fact that the fashion industry has and continues to profit from BIPOC exploitation. It also often excludes their representation within “traditional” fashion and beauty standards.

The bottom line: Your decision to purchase from BIPOC-owned brands help make this space more inclusive. “LMS Boutique’s mission is to share our Mexican culture through our colorful clothing that is handmade by several indigenous communities in Mexico,” says Leticia Flores, owner of the boutique. “It is also a way to keep our culture alive in our youth so they don’t lose their roots. Having the community support LMS Boutique, means that they are supporting having a diverse community. It also means that they are (supporting) opportunities for minorities to grow in Rochester


Inclusive sizing removes the physical separation (and stigma) between the categories of junior, petite, ladies and plus. Offering sizes 00-24 and above, brands focus on providing the same shopping experience and selection to every customer. Inclusive sizing also extends to most of these brands’ marketing, featuring models of all shapes and sizes so that customers can better visualize how a piece might look on a body type more like their own.

The bottom line: Shopping becomes easier and more enjoyable when it is not defined by size. Supporting brands that offer inclusive sizing shows the industry what we’ve known all along—that every woman deserves to have access to clothing that represents their authentic style!


CIRCULAR FASHION “Circular fashion” refers to a concept that considers the entire life cycle of a product, from the design phase to use, all the way to disposal. Circular fashionfocused brands intend for their products “to be used and circulate in society for as long as possible in their most valuable form, and hereafter return safely to the biosphere when no longer of human use,” (Anna Brismar, Green Strategy 2017).

The bottom line: Purchasing products from circular fashion brands can help contribute to the overall wellbeing of our communities and environment rather than harming them, as is the case with many traditional practices in the fashion industry.

I always had dreams of my own (hair care) line. Something always came up but I built the courage and started playing with different oils, etc.


“Clean beauty” generally refers to products created with natural ingredients and easy-to-read labeling. This is helpful for those seeking simple, natural products or avoiding ingredients due to allergies. Note that clean beauty is a bit of a controversial term, as it does not have an official definition that is regulated or inspected by the FDA.

The bottom line: Seeking out clean beauty brands can make the search for your new favorite products easier, with more peace of mind. Just be sure to never stop at the label; always get to know the brand and ingredients list.

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