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Discover How You Can Bring the Magic of Melody into Your Home

Lea Dacy with electric cello

Photo courtesy of Lea Dacy

Whether you’re a seasoned performer, aspiring artist or enthusiast of timeless tunes, music has the power to bring joy to your life in significant ways. Beyond lifting your mood, evoking memories and enhancing well-being, it can deepen connections with others and within yourself. With the rewards of music in mind, there are several ways to enhance your surroundings to encourage musical exploration, appreciation and engagement. 

Spread good vibes for music

Musical performers develop a connection to harmony that brings fulfillment to both their audiences and themselves. Lea Dacy, recently retired proprietor of e-Cello! Music, performs at senior homes, weddings and other venues, entertaining a wide range of music needs. “There is no local source for seniors to hear ‘their’ music from legends like Irving Berlin and George Gershwin, so when I bring my electric cello to senior residences, I feel like I’m filling an important niche,” she says. “What’s really exciting is playing in a memory unit. When I walk in and introduce myself, no one responds, but then I start playing ‘As Time Goes By,’ and their voices pipe in.” 

Dacy promotes fellow performers and mentors young musicians, emphasizing the importance of viewing themselves as both business professionals and artists. Her guidance helps ease administrative challenges, allowing them to more fully enjoy their performances. Tiffany Strande values collaboration with Dacy and finds fulfillment in vibing with supportive musicians. “I believe music is one of the most important aspects of any special event,” she says. “I find out what musical style the clients are looking for and incorporate any specific requests.” As a professional freelance violinist, she performs at weddings, fundraisers, parties and other celebrations.

Tiffany Strande with violin

Photo courtesy of Tiffany Strande

Make space for inspiration, learning

A designated practice-and-play space will reduce disruptions for professional or aspiring musicians, while fostering routine and consistency. “A corner of your home is all that’s needed to get started,” explains Ryan Utterback, owner of Pure Rock Studios, a music lesson and performance center that offers private and group classes for numerous instruments: guitar, drums, bass, piano, vocal, trumpet, trombone, banjo, ukelele and violin.

“Much like meditation, a student needs to be without distractions in order to focus and have the best practice time possible,” says Utterback. “Our goal is to connect students with an instructor who fits their needs and goals, whether that’s a classically trained organist or one of our touring musicians.”

Love what you play

In addition to lessons, Schmitt Music in Rochester carries quality performance instruments. “We provide education and convey helpful information to make everyone is at ease about going into music,” says store manager Jessica Daly. 

She emphasizes the advantages of a home practice space that allows others to hear the aspiring musician play. “Feedback from family members helps reinforce the process and gives the student confidence,” she says, noting that the students of parents who are involved, ask about lessons and attend concerts will be the most successful. “It all shows the student that the parent or family members care, and then the student cares as well.” 

Create a rhythmic retreat

Carve out a dedicated listening space at home, with natural lighting, comfortable furniture and a convenient music collection or playlist that includes fresh options. “We recommend getting out of your comfort zone from time to time and listening to different genres,” says Utterback.

Treedome can set you up with vinyl records, audio gear and more. As a “multi-disciplinary creative studio and storefront with a passion for music,” the business provides an array of products and services, including new release records, video production and “all things vintage.” Rochester Records also supplies vintage records and specializes in new and vintage electronics, such as turntables, receivers, CD and DVD players, amplifiers, speakers and accessories. The company buys, sells and trades equipment, serving the evolving needs of customers.

Enjoy the beat

The local entertainment scene offers a variety of opportunities to immerse yourself in music. “We provide DJ services at weddings, events and parties,” says Moses Pecinovsky, owner of TJ’s DJ and Photography, which creates unforgettable experiences through a wide selection of songs, along with captivating lighting and karaoke services. “No matter what mood guests are in, music brings joy.” Pecinovsky invites participants to request songs, accommodates different age groups and makes each experience personal “to celebrate life’s precious moments.”

No matter your musical experience, there’s no limit to the ways you can infuse melody into your life and enjoy its lasting rewards. In the words of Irving Berlin, one of the greatest songwriters of the 20th century: “Music is so important. It changes thinking, it influences everybody, whether they know it or not. Music knows no boundary lines.”. ::


For more information, explore these local music resources:

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