Look Hot, Stay Cool
Accessories to Complement Your Summer Style

Amp up your summer wardrobe with accessories that handle the hot and sunny days  of summer effortlessly.

Straw hats

Highly breathable and airy in comparison to their felted sister. Top off your look with one to keep cool and shaded. (Primp Rochester)

Oversized sunglasses

 Keep your gaze clear and eyes healthy. Try frames in a new shape or fun color to really make your look pop. (Primp Rochester)


Go hands-free with a wristlet to easily tote your ID and cards without the hassle of a bulky purse. (Real Deals)

Claw clips

Keep your hair off your neck, in a variety of cute styles for every hair type. Bonus—no tension headache or dents like you get from elastic bands. (Real Deals & Primp)

Lightweight jewelry

 Add style without extra heat. Look for natural materials, like wood and clay. (bracelet and earrings, Real Deals)

Kimonos and duster length shawls 

A versatile addition to your summer & vacation wardrobe. Use it as a swim cover up or belt into a wrap dress! (Ama La Vita)

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Samantha has always loved making things "pretty." Her level of patience necessitates that pretty must also be simple and practical to remain sustainable! Currently a professional organizer by day, Samantha holds a professional background in both cosmetology and personal styling. A true believer of the term "more with less," she hopes to bring a balanced approach to the fashion & beauty department for RWM readers.

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