Look Hot, Stay Cool
Keeping Comfortable with the Best Summer Fashions and Products

Sweat and sun go hand-in-hand with summer fun. Staying comfortable and stylish, however, does not. Check out our tips for dressing in hot weather clothing. Everything from the hat on your head to the style of your shoes is critical to staying cool and healthy in the heat.

Choose your outfit wisely

Go for clothing in natural fabrics such as cotton and linen over their less breathable counterparts: silk, nylon and wool. Loose clothing in light colors is your best choice for staying comfortable during the hottest days of summer. Light neutrals and pastels will reflect the sunlight rather than absorbing it as darker colors do. Flowing dresses, skirts and wide-leg pants or shorts will allow any breeze to circulate better, acting as your own personal air-conditioning unit. If you wear jeans,  be sure to look for a softer pair with lots of stretch to avoid uncomfortable rubbing around the waistband. “I don’t even bring in denim that doesn’t have stretch anymore.  They need to be comfortable!” affirms  Ashley Moberg, owner of Real Deals Home  Décor & Boutique.

Athleisure is an easy option, since the pieces are literally made to sweat in. Tanks and shorts with built-in undergarments eliminate the need for an extra layer, which makes all the difference while temps climb.  Local boutiques Ama La Vita and TerraLoco both offer a wide range of activewear stylish and versatile enough to work into your everyday wardrobe.

Bulky accessories are a big summertime no-no! Swap the statement jewelry and heavy shoes for daintier necklaces or earrings and simple, but chic sandals to avoid additional sweat (and terribly placed tan lines). Hats and sunglasses are fashionable adds that protect your face from damaging sun rays. Find a pair of sunglasses in a style that best fits your face shape by trying on while your hair is in a style you’ll most often wear them with. Hats with a  wide brim provide the best coverage and feel extra fabulous.

Stop the sweat and stick

While lighter clothing is great for staying a little cooler, it does tend to be less camouflaging of sweat. If you’re concerned about visible sweat spots, there are a few options to consider. Patterned pieces will distract the eye and hide and sweat-through much better than solids.

Take tissues with you to quickly blot throughout the day keeping you drier and more comfortable. Self-adhesive garment liners can also slow sweat stains in areas such as your underarms, just stick them right to your clothing (DIY secret: A basic panty liner works well for this).

Remember that everyone sweats. It’s a  natural and necessary part of our survival.  Likely nobody else will notice, and if they do, they definitely won’t remember even  1 2 3 4 5 6 7:: fashion & beautyRWMagazine.com:: 31  Look Hot, Stay Cool Keeping Comfortable with the Best Summer Fashions and Products By Samantha Erickson hours later. Rock your favorite summer pieces with confidence!

Anti-chafing options are a must when wearing dresses, skirts or shorts. Thin cotton biker shorts can take the place of underwear while providing relief to your upper thigh area. Thigh bands are readily available online if you prefer to stick with your traditional underwear without adding another layer. You can also find an array of anti-chafing gels and creams at pretty much any area drugstore. My personal favorite is  Megababe Thigh Rescue because it comes in a simple to apply stick, just like deodorant.  You can snap it up at Ulta Beauty.  TerraLoco carries Body Glide.

Melt-proof your hair and makeup

Going lighter with your makeup is best in the summer, allowing your skin to breathe.  “Bronzed skin is my favorite summer accessory paired with a bright gloss lip,” says  Amber Nelson, a multimedia makeup artist.

Use a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen to achieve faux-glow status while protecting your skin. If you are stepping out with a  full face of makeup, a sturdy primer and/ or setting spray will keep everything in place for at least a few extra hours. Nelson suggests L’Oréal Infallible Pro Matte Lock  Primer and Urban Decay Cosmetics All  Nighter Ultra Matte Makeup Setting Spray,  both of which can be found at Ulta.

Hate the idea of abandoning your signature look but dread putting the time it takes each day only to experience the midday melt? Consider permanent cosmetics for the ultimate “I woke up like this” look. Shape your eyebrows, define your eyes or plump your pout with this increasingly common treatment. Abigail  Gee, licensed aesthetician and permanent makeup artist at Essence Skin Clinic,  shares why permanent cosmetics are a  favorite service of hers. “I love the boost of confidence it gives my clients. To face  the day how they want to look and feel  more like themselves, without the effort.”

While it’s tempting to chop long locks in the summer, updos are a less permanent way to keep the hair off of your neck.  Don’t reserve yourself to the same old messy bun. Instead scope Pinterest for fun and easy styles for your hair length.  If you’re not feeling adventurous, simply upgrade your traditional braid or low bun with a headband or fun hair barrettes. If you need to keep your style intact all day,  local hair stylist and studio owner Danielle  Malagrino swears by the SUDZZfx line of hairspray. Be sure to direct your spray the way that you want your hair to lay rather than frantically waving the bottle around.  This will help keep your style as smooth as possible while providing maximum hold.

Find these cool  items at:

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  7. Danielle Malagrino at Sola Salons

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