Lovin the Camping and RV Life
Enjoying the Great Outdoors with Comfort, Connectivity and a Can-Do Attitude

Agrowing number of people are camping with family and friends to better connect with nature and escape from it all. Last year camping and RVing took place in record numbers, offering social distancing, relationship-building, stress reduction and immersion in the outdoors. The camping and RV life leaves nothing to be desired, with many options that allow women to explore the beautiful countryside with confidence, conveniences and peace of mind.

Reviving a family tradition

“As a kid I camped with my grandparents and loved it,” says Michelle Jacob, a busy mother and home care nurse. “I always wanted to camp with my children, but we never did.” As a newly single mom, she decided to change that.

Jacob purchased a camper from friends and had it moved to a permanent site at Adventure Bound Beaver Trails campground in rural Austin. “My girls, Marah, 9, and Alannah, 7, and I are there every weekend—fishing, swimming, playing games and having campfires with smores,” says Jacob. “My son, who is 21, also comes down. It’s been a lifesaver for us during COVID-19.”

Happy campers

“Popularity for camping has increased, as families are looking for safe ways to spend time together,” says Jill Holmes, RV sales associate at Camping World of Rochester. “It’s more than realistic for women to own and use a camper. We make sure our customers understand their new RV, and each purchase comes with a full-hour walkthrough.” Camping World provides services, parts and retail goods at all their locations.

Jacob had to learn how to connect and disconnect utilities and winterize her camper. With support from friends and other campers, these responsibilities did not deter her. “If you have any desire to go camping, just do it and don’t think you need a man to help you,” she says.

Queen of the camper

According to Holmes, the most popular campers are travel trailers. But many single women enjoy the freedom of a smaller trailer—they’re user-friendly, comfortable and a great alternative to hotels. In addition, she adds, “You are in control of the adventure.”

“Glamping”—glamour combined with camping—can be experienced in a luxury model. RV amenities have grown to include outdoor kitchens and patio areas, dedicated office space, full-size refrigerators, heated recliners, kingsize beds and electronic entertainment features such as satellite television. For those who enjoy off-road living and boondocking without amenities and hookups, do-it-yourself glamping can be as simple as adding an artsy rug, fancy dishes or an elegant camp chair. “I like beautiful things, and I use pretty plates and glasses at the campsite,” says Jacob.

Connecting with nature and technology

Beth Blanchard, director of marketing at Pace International in Rochester, explains how RVs can be equipped to keep travelers in touch with the world. “We partner with a variety of suppliers of service and products like DISH and antenna manufacturers, KOA Campgrounds and RV clubs. Our goal is to enhance the entertainment experience, and we do so by aggregating products, working with the right partners and providing customer service and support specific to the RV market.”

Pace services RV customers directly through a website, DISHForMyRV.com, and a dedicated RV call center. Their portable satellite system offers Pay as You Go service with regular programming and a streaming service, such as Netflix (think rainy days). “We also provide cell boosting and internet connectivity to support all the regular devices that are used,” Blanchard says.

With the convenience of a mobile hotspot, Jacob is able to work from her campsite on days scheduled for paperwork. Moreover, she takes her girls camping on a regular basis and carries on an appreciation for family time outdoors. She believed she could do it—and she did.

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