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Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

Social media is important. We may hate it, but it’s true. It’s not the end-all, but it’s a really important piece of any business’s marketing efforts. We offer social media posts as a way that businesses can work with our social media professionals to reach our audience. Whether or not you have it in your budget to post to our social media audiences, we offer some tips for you as you build up your own presence.

  1. You’d be surprised how many businesses don’t use their business name as their handles, or their Facebook page is still set to the default user ID number. Your customers can’t find you if you don’t show up in their search bars. So, use your business name as your social handles. If it’s already taken, use your business name with your state initials or city and state. For example, let’s say your business name is “Blue Cardigan.” Your best social media handles are bluecardigan, bluecardiganmn, or bluecardiganrochmn. 
  2. Use the same handles across all platforms. If your IG handle is bluecardiganmn, but your FB handle is feeltheblue, your customers might question if they’ve found the right page or not. The easier it is for your customers to remember your handle, the easier it’ll be for them to find, follow and engage with you on all platforms. 
  3. Does your profile picture clearly show off your brand? Peruse through your social feeds and notice what other well-established companies are using as their profile pictures. Can you see how most of them are using their logos with their branding colors? That’s the way to go! Now, if the brand is a person (like a photographer, life coach, artist, etc.) they are using high-quality, professional headshots of themselves because THEY are the recognizable brand. 
Profile Pic Tips

Let’s dig deeper into your profile picture. We’ve seen some doozies. Here are some things to avoid at all costs: 

  1. Selfies. This screams unprofessional. 
  2. Photos that are blurry or are low-quality, dark, outdated, or feature you wearing sunglasses. You want people to be able to identify you. They can’t do that if they can’t tell that it’s you because your picture was taken ten years ago or if they can’t even see your face. 
  3. Inanimate objects. You might say, “But it’s a picture of my product,” or “But that’s my store front…” I would argue that your logo is more eye-catching. People can’t tell it’s your storefront once the image is downsized on their phones anyway. 
  4. Photos with a lot of words. Once it’s on a phone and the size of a thumbtack, no one can read it. 
  5. Pictures with a busy background. Less is more! Simple is better!

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