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Rapid innovation has brought about a surge of smartphone apps users can mix, match and personalize to enhance many components of their lives. Mental health-focused apps are powerful tools to monitor and improve our lives through personal empowerment, gamification and promotion of mental health-supportive activities. The right app can promote connection, motivation and consistency over time. Here are a few mental health-focused apps to consider adding to your app drawer and your life. 

Headspace and Calm

Headspace and Calm are two apps offering similar experiences but different overall feel. Check them out for guided meditations to help reduce stress, improve sleep, create focus and cultivate overall well-being.


Therapy can be inconvenient to coordinate and intimidating. Talkspace connects users with licensed therapists through secure messaging and video, making therapy more convenient and accessible.


MindDoc is a mental health companion which allows users to track mood patterns, identify personal triggers and self-manage depression, anxiety and related challenges.


SuperBetter turns self-improvement into a game. It helps users tackle challenges, increase motivation and build resilience through quests and power-ups.

7 Cups

7 Cups provides users with emotional support and guidance from listeners and licensed therapists via support groups and one-on-one chats.


Wysa is an AI-powered chatbot app that provides therapy chat, coping strategies and anonymous conversations for users dealing with stress and emotional challenges.


Happify combines positive psychology and gamification to help users build resilience and overcome negative thoughts and stress. ::

These apps are not meant to replace professional mental health care but can play a role in promoting mental wellness and support. Always consult a qualified mental health professional for severe or ongoing mental health concerns.

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