Money Coaching: Your Best Bet to Achieve Financial Freedom
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Did you know that 73% of Americans rank money stress as the #1 cause of stress in their life? Wow! I was shocked to hear this statistic. It is absolutely heart-breaking that ¾ of Americans are stressed about their money. So why should you work with a coach? A money coach helps you ditch this money stress. Oftentimes, we don’t know what we don’t know. A coach helps you take a step back, regain perspective and align your finances with your goals. If you truly want to ditch the money stress, working with a coach is a sure fire way to do it.

How many coaches do you think Michael Jordan had? I’d venture to guess he had lots and lots of coaches. Even though he was highly skilled in his sport, in order to reach new levels, he needed a team of coaches. While most of us are not professional athletes, the same principle applies. If you want to win in life and especially your financial life, you must have a team of professionals, including a money coach, to ensure your success. In order to truly move forward and accomplish your goals, you must evaluate your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to managing money. A coach helps you do this. It’s ok that we don’t know what we don’t know! Money management has very little to do with mathematics. Money management has everything to do with behavior, emotion, habits and much more.

So does coaching work? Short answer, yes. It is worth its weight in gold. As a coach, I also have many coaches in my life. A coach without a coach is like a doctor who won’t go to the doctor. Life is not meant to be done alone. When we try to manage our money stress by ourselves, no wonder we are stressed out! We were not meant to manage these things on our own.

Group coaching is a great consideration if you’re looking to see what coaching is all about. Group coaching provides access, not only to the coach, but also to other members in the group. You get both expert advice from the money coach as well as peer support. One of the best features of coaching is the support and accountability. If you’ve tried time and time again to get on a budget and a savings plan but not been successful, then group coaching could be just the ticket for you!

It just so happens I’ve got a group coaching platform opening this fall for a 6 session workshop. It’s called Money Masterminds. I will be leading coaching sessions that will help you hone your budgeting, saving and investing skills. If you want to ditch the money stress and get on a path to financial freedom, join the group. Your only regret will be not doing this sooner. Sign up for a free consultation, I’d love to talk with you! Let’s do this!

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