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Happy Mother’s Day on May 9 to all those who mother! You may be a biological mom or a step mom, an adoptive mom, a daycare mom or a teacher. Those who mother are caregivers. They nurture and teach, comfort and support. While we’re at it, happy Father’s Day on June 20 to all those who father! There are many who are in fathering roles, and we honor you as well for your caregiving and nurturing. Being a parent (biological or not) is a uniquely challenging job. The love felt for those in our care is so powerful, and yet all relationships have the potential to be fraught with difficulty.

Current events and the pandemic are layering our relationships with even more strain. Read about how local caregivers and moms are coping (p. 22 and p. 25). May is mental health month (p. 20).

I personally have always struggled with anxiety and depression, and the past couple of months have felt especially heavy. The worst part for me is feeling alone, like I’m the only one who feels down. It helps in these times to talk to someone. Fortunately I have a great group of friends (my chosen sisters) who listen. Read about the power of sisterhoods on page 31.

Some things that help me when I’m down: sleeping, reading, watching something funny and getting outside. Creating something can be therapeutic, and using food as a medium is especially satisfying. Read about how one local chef has tapped into her creativity to curate Thai take-out (p. 37). Check out a delicious and gorgeous cheese board on page 40 using local cheeses and other pairings.

I hope you take pride in what you offer the world. Learn about LaSonya Natividad who shares her musical talents with the world (p. 11). Dive into the stories of two moms who make statements through fashion (p. 34). Read about how three local women provide their expertise in the final stages of residential construction (p. 43).

My wish for you is that you have some way of taking care of yourself and that you recognize your worth. I hope that in the midst of these heavy times, that you are able to find things to lift you up so that you can continue to add your unique value to this world.

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