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Festival in Frost

Rochester Thaw, a music festival presented by My Town My Music, returns after selling out last year. Get tickets now to check out a 30-band lineup at six downtown venues on March 23. This is your chance to see Mae Simpson, Monica LaPlante, My Grandma’s Cardigan, Samantha Grimes and so many others. Thaw out with hot tunes.

Classical Community Orchestra playingClassical Community

Beautiful and enchanting classical concerts take place throughout the winter and spring. Rochester has a robust and active classical music scene—including Rochester Symphony, Choral Arts Ensemble and SEMYO. Chase away winter doldrums with orchestra, chamber and musical masterpieces.

Joy of JazzJoy of Jazz

Started in 2015, Uptown Jazz features a female and male vocalist that perform the songs of Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Michael Bublé, Aretha Franklin, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and more. If big band and jazz are what you crave, check out their upcoming performance schedule, Daddy-O.



Music for the Mind Choir singingMusic for the Mind

Ever noticed that people don’t often (if ever) forget their favorite song? Resounding Voices is working to create a dementia-friendly community while improving the lives of those living with dementia—through a chorus! The chorus, comprised of pairs consisting of a person with dementia and a companion, rehearses weekly for around ten sessions. Each two-hour rehearsal includes social time. They are recruiting volunteers and new singers on a rotating basis. And, hey, no music experience required.

Maven Musicians
woman singingMaven Musicians

Night out? Check to see if you can support (and inevitably become a groupie of) one of our many talented local female musicians. Look out for names like Annie Mack, LaSonya Natividad, Eleanor Sievers, Amy Abts, Dianna Parks, Mary Lieser, Amanda Grace and Ellen Thomes. Too many to list, Rochester is home to some monumental musicians! “Mind your manners, make a friend.” –Dessa (also from Minnesota)



Local Lessons
Man teaching woman to play guitarLocal Lessons

Always appreciated musical talent, but never participated? Consider taking lessons to learn an instrument (yes, even as an adult). At Pure Rock Studios students of any age can learn to rock out on drums, guitar, piano and voice. For those looking for a classical sound, Rochester Music Guild has a comprehensive directory of private music instrument instruction. They even include teachers of composition/songwriting. It’s as easy as A-B-C (D, E, F, G). ::

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