Our Authors

Here’s a list of all of our authors.

Grace is a freelance writer who currently works from home in Winona, Minnesota.2 Articles

Peggy’s business, SheTaxi, focuses on moving women, mission and businesses forward. She works part-time as the executive director for the Neuro Hospitality House. Peggy is passionate about authentic leadership and mentoring women.2 Articles

Sophia is a recent graduate from John Marshall High School. This fall, she will be attending the University of Minnesota to study journalism and creative writing.1 Articles

Julie is a food enthusiast, community cook for Taste of Home Magazine and former owner of You Betcha Cupcake. Follow her on Instagram @julieherreralemler Twitter @JulieLemler1 Articles

Kabuika develops multicultural communication strategies and tactics to strengthen workplace inclusivity with compelling multimedia storytelling and engaging events. She is currently working in Rochester as a Program Manager.1 Articles

Melissa is the outreach coordinator and event director for RWM. She is also an American Sign Language interpreter student, writer and dog mom. Her mission is to cultivate fun and positive energy everywhere she goes.1 Articles

Nana is the visuals production coordinator at GQ Magazine + GQ Style. She is a multifaceted woman constantly evolving, challenging herself, and pushing the status quo.1 Articles

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