Pausing to Rejuvenate

How many times have you said, “It was easier, so I just did it myself”? We know who we are. We are the women who keep moving at the same pace, packing in more stuff while burning the candle low. A lot of times we just keep moving and then find ourselves in trouble when it is too late.

I am getting better at avoiding situations like these. More times, I recognize when my plate is getting full—when I need to say “no” or set boundaries and not feel guilty about something I think, or someone else thinks, I “should” do.

During the holidays I planned to have a brunch social on New Year’s Eve. It just so happened the week prior was very busy, and I knew if I hosted the social, I would be tired returning to work in the new year. 

Sheepishly, I texted a few friends to let them know I would not be having the brunch. The responses were, “Good for you for taking care of yourself,” and “Way to set boundaries for yourself.” I was so pleased by the support and somewhat proud of myself for recognizing that I would “be in trouble” had I gone through with it.

Checking in with yourself

It is easy to get caught up in the rhythm of everyday life. Many times we are on autopilot and lose clarity on how we prioritize our days. Sadly, it is common for women to be over-extended and burned out. Therefore, it is up to us to prevent this from happening.

Doing occasional self-checks to ensure you are not over-extending and doing unnecessary work that others can do is wise. The worksheet below is simple and impactful. Take a few minutes to walk through the questions and then commit to what you are going to pass back and get rid of. And let it go!

For more reinforcement, join us at the Restore & Rejuvenate Retreat on March 9. You will be energized and inspired by being with other women who also are taking time for themselves. I’ll be leading a workshop called “When Self-Improvement Is Acceptance.” We’ll study ourselves, identify authentic growth opportunities and toss the ones that don’t serve us. Join us. It’s going to be a great day . . . for you!

Grab a piece of paper and answer these questions to review what you have on your plate right now.
1. Write down all of your responsibilities.
2. Are any of these someone else’s responsibility? HAND THESE BACK!
3. Is anything out of your control? TRY TO LET THESE GO!
Source: © Deborah Byrne Psychology Services 2020

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Peggy is a mission-driven leader, entrepreneur, social explorer and advocate for all things moving women forward. She is currently employed with the American Cancer Society and is the founder of SheTaxi.

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