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Rosé All Day 

Does the perfect summer wine exist? The answer is, of course it does! Rosé. The world of rosé has seemingly exploded in the last decade. Once only understood and appreciated by those in the industry, rosé has finally shed the “white zinfandel’’ misnomer that has unfairly plagued it for the last 25 years.

Rosé can be made from just about any varietal that a winemaker can dream of.  It can be made from simple maceration  (leaving the juice in contact with the skin for a bit of time), from direct pressing the grape, via saignée (“bleeding”  juice from the red wine tank) or just blending.

Many shades, many uses

Rosés come in almost any color of pink and can range greatly in acidity. Together with the variations in fruit levels, quality rosés are gorgeous, versatile libations.

Lighter rosés lean toward floral and citrusy notes making them a perfect aperitif or a  lovely pairing with shellfish, light salads and grilled white meat. Typically created with the direct press method, this embodiment of rosé is associated with the classic Provence style.

Dark pink to magenta rosés are some of the most intriguing. Easily consumed chilled and offering a refreshing pick-me-up on the palate on those hot summer days, these wines should not be missed. The real beauty with this style of rosé is that it can be paired like a  red wine—especially when trying to convince a red wine devotee to crack open something more refreshing on a 90-degree day! Steaks,  barbecue, brats and hamburgers have met their chilled match for the summer.

Rosé offers something for everyone during these summer months and even beyond.  From sparkling rosé to natural rosé to field blends that literally contain the kitchen sink of grapes, there is a rosé out there just waiting for you to fall in love with. Don’t be shy. What are you waiting for?

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