Redefining Family and Embracing Healing
Transcending Traditional Definitions

Jacque Kyle

Jacque Kyle is on a journey, a life journey. Her life journey reflects a commitment to fostering love, nurturing faith and pursuing healing.

For Jacque, family transcends traditional definitions. “Family means the people who show up,” she shares. Growing up in a dysfunctional environment, she chose to close that chapter and weave her own narrative of family life. During her time at the Jeremiah Program, she has found her family in friendships. Her friends have evolved into her family, sharing their time, their children᾿s lives and their daily struggles and accomplishments. Jacque᾿s perspective is loving and welcoming: “Family doesn᾿t have to be a mom and a dad. My son sees my friend᾿s child as a sibling, learning about family through the bonds we᾿ve created.”

The journey to self and others

Finding her people wasn᾿t about seeking them out; it was about being her authentic self and allowing like-minded souls to gravitate toward her. Conversations about school or shared interests blossomed into deep, meaningful relationships. Jacque᾿s life is enriched by mindfulness, being present and cherishing quality moments with her loved ones. Through practices like prayer, poetry and painting, she cultivates an environment of peace and gratitude.

Jacque᾿s openness to vulnerability is a beacon for others. “It᾿s okay to be vulnerable,” she advises. “We have to be, to be seen and accepted for who we truly are.” Her journey has taught her that self-isolation only perpetuates pain. Healing her inner child, she has embraced deep connections, setting a powerful example for her son. Witnessing his mother making healthy relationship choices empowers him to do the same.

Faith as a foundation

Jacque᾿s relationship with God is the cornerstone of her existence. It᾿s a bond that influences all others, fostering respect for diverse religious backgrounds and beliefs. Prayer and sermons are not just rituals; they are her refuge, her way of staying connected to her faith. In moments of anxiety or uncertainty, she turns to prayer, seeking guidance and solace. She understands that silence isn᾿t emptiness but an opportunity to learn and grow.

The intersection of social work and personal growth

Jacque᾿s career in social work intertwines intricately with her personal healing journey. Having survived an abusive upbringing, she᾿s committed to redefining her understanding of relationships and family. Her education and therapy sessions are more than academic pursuits; they are pathways to rewiring her approach to life. Her focus on active listening and presence ensures that her son has the safety and connection she yearned for in her own childhood.

Embracing imperfection and healing

Jacque doesn᾿t claim to be a perfect parent or individual. She acknowledges her moments of overwhelm but emphasizes the importance of repair and connection. “It᾿s about acknowledging our feelings and ensuring our loved ones know they᾿re not at fault,” she shares. Her commitment to healing is profound, addressing generational and ancestral trauma with the resolve that the cycle ends with her. This journey involves acknowledging her worth, retraining her mindset and choosing, every day, to do better—for herself and for her son.

Therapy plays a crucial role in Jacque᾿s life. Once stigmatized and misunderstood, she now champions its benefits, recognizing the transformation it has fostered in her. Through modalities like DBT (dialectical behavior therapy) and IFS (internal family systems), she᾿s moved beyond seeing herself as a victim, learning to navigate PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) triggers and embrace her core qualities of love, vulnerability and kindness.

A message of hope and resilience

Jacque᾿s narrative is more than her story; it᾿s a beacon of hope for anyone striving to redefine family, embrace their authentic self and embark on a healing journey. Her life, marked by the courage to be vulnerable, the strength to let go of the past and the wisdom to seek growth and healing, offers profound insights for us all.

“Family is about the people who show up,” Jacque reminds us. It᾿s about creating bonds that nurture, understanding that being vulnerable is a strength and recognizing that healing is not just a personal journey but a legacy we leave behind. Her story is a testament to the power of love, faith and resilience. ::

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When Terri moved to Rochester 13 years ago, she looked to Rochester Women magazine to find connections. Because she works as a nonprofit consultant and coach, helping women find balance, connection and purpose, she knew how important those connections would be for her. Now, she looks forward to offering that same opportunity for connection to others in our community through her work at Rochester Women Magazine. When she is not working, she enjoys looking for seashells, dancing and snuggling her dogs.

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